Looking for an experienced Long Island marketing company? Upside provides full-service Long Island digital marketing, web marketing and SEO services to local and national companies in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Manhattan, NYC and byond. Every small business has untapped opportunities and realizable upside growth potential. What we do is help you identify, implement and manage marketing programs that will improve your visibility and drive new leads, both online and offline. opportunities. In many cases, we help clients shift marketing dollars from unproductive marketing strategies to more targeted, measurable marketing vehicles. If you already have marketing plan, we can execute that plan for you so you can focus on running your business. If you need to build a marketing strategy from the ground up, we can also provide more strategic services. We are a hybrid marketing consulting and full-service Long Island marketing company - that means all of your marketing strategy and execution are professionally managed in one firm with one point of contact. No more hassle or unecessary overhead. No more time spent coordinating with multiple Long Island marketing companies. This is our client-agency model. Long Island small business marketing expertise in: marketing strategy consulting, internet marketing, SEO services, search engine marketing, website marketing, social media marketing and local search engine marketing. Marketing Consulting + Marketing Doing = Results.   Our Long Island, NY marketing and internet marketing consulting firm helps you build an online and overall marketing strategy that is right for your Nassau County, Suffolk County or Metro New York business. Then, we implement your internet marketing plan, build your small business website, increase your rankings through search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Adwords advertising, or build your social media and local marketing presence -- every client's needs are unique and we cater to each one of them.
Whatever your goals, our targeted marketing helps you improve visibility, build deeper relationships, and drive more leads through your front door.

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Long Island Marketing Services
Identify, develop and execute marketing strategies to grow your businesses. Our small business marketing services provide strategic planning, marketing strategy, marketing plans, branding, public relations, marketing materials, and marketing campaigns.Learn more

Long Island Small Business Websites, Long Island SEO Marketing(Search Engine Optimization), Long Island Internet Marketing, Long Island Google Advertising, Long Island Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management:
Get online and get found online. We build your small busines website, provide search engine optimization (Long Island SEO) consulting, and drive increased traffic through targetted internet marketing. Learn more

Long Island Start Up Consulting and Business Planning:
Get your business venture off the starting blocks. We help with business development, writing business plans, marketing plans, brand development, research and even legal and banking referrals. Learn more

Small Business Marketing Coaching and Marketing Training Workshops:
Get marketing advice on a one-to-one basis as you need it. Take advantage of our cost-saving small business marketing workshops. Develop the the marketing tools your business needs so that you can do it yourself in-house. Learn more

New Businesses...Have a Marketing Plan? Starting a small business is a challenging, rewarding process. It is also a financial risk. Over 50% of new businesses do not survive due to cash flow issues and lack of strategic planning. With our startup services and small business coaching, you can build a solid marketing strategy and a marketing plan to grow your small business. How we help new businesses: * Develop your strategic business plan and marketing plan * Conduct competitor and customer research * Build marketing materials for you, such as brochures, flyers, sales letters, logos, direct mail etc. * Develop your professional small business website, blog, email and social media presence quickly and cost-effectively * Provide your internet marketing and search engine marketing (SEM) services including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns * Provide regular business coaching on specific issues to help jumpstart your venture Call us today at 516-610-0922 to arrange a consultation

We help you identify, create and then execute practical, high impact small business marketing strategies to reach your financial goals. If you do not have the resources in-house to build your marketing strategy, or if you need a go-to marketing resource to work on specific areas of your business, we are happy to work with you on a retainer, project, per diem or hourly basis.

Our Small Business Marketing Services include:

Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plans:
We help you create a marketing strategy and an action plan that outlines your unique selling proposition, your go-to-market strategy, your sales and distribution plan, your advertising and promotional plan, and definition of your target audience. We also conduct research to better position against the competition.
Evaluation of Current Marketing Program and Marketing Materials
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Plans
Market, Customer and Competitor Research

Every business has a brand. We help you bring it to life. Capitalizing on your strengths and knowledge of your customer base, we help you from brand identification to naming, logo development, key messages and taglines. We also integrate your brand into every aspect of your marketing and communications.

Marketing Programs:
We create, develop and manage custom marketing programs from the ground up.
Custom Promotional Programs
Event management (grand openings, special events)
Graphic and Creative Services
Photography (in house studio, on location, or stock photo selection)

Marketing Communications:
We create targeted key messages, crafts content and develops ad materials.
Marketing communications plans
Copywriting Services
Print marketing Materials (brochures, flyers, sales letters, fact sheets, instruction sheets, etc.)
Online Content Development
Public Relations (PR) and Press Materials
Newsletter Development

Project Management Services:
We can help you with planning, organizing, managing, controlling and following through on all parts of a project.

Custom Projects:
If you have a need that is not on this list, just ask. We will work with you to find a solution.

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Get online and get found online. We work with you to determine what is the most optimal internet presence for your business in relation to your goals. Then, we help you build and implement those programs cost-effectively.

Step 1: Getting Your Business Online

Are your target customers and competitors online? Building a professional or eCommerce website and a supporting web presence are important initial steps. We can provide all of the services below, or you can select from our menu “a la carte.”

Internet Marketing Strategy and Website Strategy Services:
From business needs definition to strategy and requirements documentation, we help you formulate an internet plan that is right for your business and your budget. Get Started!
Small Business Needs Evaluation
Market and Competitor Analyses
Small Business Internet Strategy
Small Business Web Strategy and Maintenance Planning
Online Branding
Social Networking / Social Media Marketing Strategy
Key Metrics Development
Twitter Marketing, Twitter custom Backgrounds
Social Media Marketing, Facebook Fan Page Marketing, Custom Facebook Fanpages
Google Seearch Engine Marketing
Local Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO Services
Key Metrics Development
Technical Requirements Documents, Functionality Briefs, Creative Brief Development

Website Design & Web Content Development Services:
We help you from domain selection through site concept and content development. We follow by developing your professional or eCommerce website and getting it online.Get Started!
Domain Name (URL) Strategy, Selection and Purchase
Website Design & Development
Company Logo, Tagline & Key Message Development
Copywriting Services
Photography (in-house and/or online stock photo selection)
Hosting and Legal Referrals

Launch and Post-Launch Services:
What launch strategy works best is determined on an individual client basis, but may include email blasts, updating offline marketing materials, advertising, pay-per-click campaigns, signage etc. We also provide reporting assistance to help you understand your website analytics and what they are “telling you” about your customers and online performance.Get Started!
Site Launch Promotions
Reporting / Google Analytics
Copy / Content updates

Step 2: Getting Your Business Found Online: Long Island SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Consulting (SEO): Contact Us To Receive Free SEO Tips
Rank higher! Upside provides Search Engine Optimization consulting and employs SEO best practices that will help you update or create your site so that it is optimized for search engines and coded with the competitive key words and phrases customers are using to find you. Budgeting for SEO can benefit you by providing highly targeted visitors, better conversion rates, and a competitive edge. Investing in SEO at the time of your website build can also help you reduce advertising costs later. Upside employs affordable Long Island SEO techniques that will help you update or create your site so that it optimized for search engines and coded with the competitive key words customers are using to find you. Long Island Seo Services: SEO Strategy, SEO Consulting, SEO Marketing Consulting, SEO Development, Video SEO, Keyword Research, Optimized Press Releases, Article Writing, Directory Submissions, Website SEO Makeover, Site Map and robot Text files, SEO Architecture, SEO Marketing and Search Engine Marketing,all "white hat" ethical techniques. Pay-Per-Click Campaigns Contact Us if you have a SEO question or if you are interested in learning more about how the SEO techniques below can improve your business. Seo Tips & SEO techniques include: • Domain Name Selection • Web Site Copywriting • Keyword Selection and Keyword Density • Meta Tags (Title, Description, Keywords, Heading, Alt Tags) • Basic Links, Hypertext Links, Reciprocal Links and Site Maps • Directory and File Names • Spider Analysis • Robots Exclusion File • Link Popularity

Long Island Internet Marketing Services:
Long Island Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (PPC)
Local and directory listings to establish a strong local presence
Email Marketing (HTML)
Social Networking Sites

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Starting a business?

Real results come over time from a lot of hard work, sweat equity and strategic planning during early phases of business development. Taking a step back and thoroughly planning your business can save you a lot of time and expense later on, as well as ensure that you have thought through key issues.

Business Plans and Marketing Plans:

To help make sure you have assessed your opportunity properly and can convincingly communicate your idea to investors and prospective customers, you will likely need a business plan and a marketing plan.

Writing a plan can instill confidence in others that you have a viable product and/or service, a realistic market to sell to, and a plan to deliver your goods and make a profit.

How We Help Start Your New Business:

While each case is unique, Upside can help you by driving objective decision making, evaluating opportunities, conducting research, shaping business strategies, and developing plans and programs. We can work with you regularly as you plan and grow your business, or we can serve in a purely advisory role at key points along the way.

If you need help getting your new business started, Upside can help you with:

Opportunity Evaluation
Company Evaluation
Competitor and Customer Research

Strategy and Planning:
Business Plan Writing
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Plans and Marketing Plan Writing
Business Naming

Elevator Pitches
Presentation Development
Brand Development
Logo Development
Tagline and Key Message Creation
Press Releases and Press Materials

Program Development:
Website Development, Internet Marketing and SEO click to learn more
Small Business Marketing & Advertising Services click to learn more
Grand Opening events click to learn more

Personal Coaching & Workshop Training: click to learn more

General Operational Services:
Help incorporating, Tax ID procurement, etc.
Banking Referral Assistance
Legal and Accountant guidance

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Long Island Small Business Coaching

Business coaching is a major learning method companies are using to help develop individual employees and improve company performance. Coaching is conducted on a one-to-one basis, in person, over the telephone, on e-mail, or a combination thereof. It is completely CONFIDENTIAL giving the client the opportunity to share personal concerns while gaining an outside perspective.

A typical coaching engagement will include:
3-4 In-person meetings
Job shadowing
Creating a personal development plan
Ongoing email and phone support

Contact us today to discuss how coaching can benefit your business.

Small Business Coaching Packages include:

Small Business Business Startup Coaching:

designed for entrepreneurs specifically looking to launch or build their early businesses. Personal assistance is provided to build the foundational elements of your small business including business plans, marketing plans, financial projections etc. Also appropriate for new small business owners looking to improve their marketing skills and build expertise but who do not have a traditional marketing background.

Growth coaching:

coaching focusing specifically on aggressively growing your business over the next 12-15 months. Perfect for business owners who need advice and guidance to achieve specific milestones in their business development as well as a regular push to keep moving forward during challenging growth cycles.

Exec Coaching:

designed for established businesses. Coaching includes an in depth look at your professional and personal goals, the marketing strategies you have used to market your business, and what results you achieved. A road map is created that will help you reach your potential and discover new ways to improve your results.

Contact usContact us today to learn more about our business coaching services and pricing.

Long Island Marketing Workshops

Upside’s workshops help empower small businesses and entrepreneurs to learn skills that improve their marketing and communications proficiencies. If you want to strengthen your organization, Upside business consultants will come to your place of business and provide one-on-one or team training.

Workshop Training for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses:
How To Market Your Business 101
Do-It-Yourself Internet Marketing
How To Write A Business Plan
How to Write A Marketing Plan
Internet and Website Strategy
How to Search Engine Optimize (SEO) Your Business

We also offer workshops in various other areas. Contact us today to learn more about how our workshops can improve your business.

Founded to serve as the small business owner’s advocate, Upside Business Consultants is a boutique marketing consulting firm that helps small companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs build their marketing programs and grow their businesses. We provide a unique combination of strategic consulting and traditional marketing services.

Upside Business Consultants is managed by Doug Betensky. With more than thirteen years of experience ranging from working with small companies to executives as they grow their divisions, Mr. Betensky has an extensive marketing and consulting background. Prior to founding Upside Business Consultants, Doug Betensky worked in executive roles at Fortune 500 companies including The Home Depot and TJX Companies leading strategic initiatives and building programs in the areas of branding, website and email program development, merchandising, advertising, training, in-store marketing, community relations, and grand opening of new facilities. Mr. Betensky holds an MBA from the F.W. Olin School of Business at Babson College and undergraduate degrees in Economics and Anthropology from Tufts University.

We’ve built our business on several guiding principles. We believe in:
Driving excellence in everything we do
Championing our client’s visions
Upholding high integrity and ethical standards
Telling it like it is, even if it not always what clients would like to hear
Keeping client information confidential
Creating pleasant and rewarding relationships with our clients
Practicing clear and fair billing
Working cost-effectively everyday for our clients

Fair Billing Practices:
We strive to be your trusted consultant of choice. We go out of our way to make our billing as fair and clear as possible. We do not “pad” our fees or expenses. You will always know exactly what you are paying us for. Costs and terms are defined clearly as well as what deliverables will be provided for our fees.

Our Consulting Approach:
Below is an overview of what you can expect when we work together. Our process is tailored to individual clients and what the scope of work demands

When you contact us, we will set up a phone or in-person consultation with you. During this meeting, we will listen very carefully to you, identifying needs and helping you form a method for accomplishing your goals.

Strategy & Planning:
Once we understand your needs, your business and how you define “success,” we work with you to strategize and plan how to execute your program. A scope of work is created and agreed upon. At this time, we help you maximize your budget to make every dollar work harder toward reaching your objectives.

During a project, we work collaboratively, developing and completing your program on-scope, on-budget and on-time. We advocate regular client meetings and updates to keep you informed of progress. We are proud to stay accessible and easy to reach for you during this process.

Assessing Results and Sharing Knowledge:
When a project has been completed, results are evaluated. We encourage clients to participate in a post-project (mortem) evaluation in which key learnings and insights gained during the project are documented and shared throughout your organization. We also appreciate feedback so that we can continually serve you better.

Results are the leading indicator of success; however, celebrating a little with our clients can also be a rewarding way to appreciate what has been accomplished.

Contact us today to learn more

Long Island Law Firm Internet Marketing | Attorney SEO for Law Firms Does your website and web presence generate leads? Service your clients? Does your law firm dominate the search engines for your desired keywords, type of practice and geographical location? Today, attorneys are shifting more marketing dollars online to achieve more targeted, measurable marketing campaigns that drive internet visibility and website traffic. With over 60% of all online searches being conducted on Google and studies showing that companies with a top ranking (first page, first position) on Google receive over a 40% click through rate to their website, ranking well in the search engines and leading the pack in terms of visibility for your keywords can be an invaluable attorney marketing tool. Because law firm marketing often involves a focus on a specific geographic region, implementing a local search engine optimization (SEO) campaign combined with internet marketing tactics can be an optimal web strategy for attorneys. Knowing that over 70% of all internet users have searched for local companies online, there is high demand from local online searches. After all, you want to capitalize on the fact that potential clients are already searching for your services. This can be a much more effective attorney internet marketing strategy than marketing that involves "interuptive" technqiues e.g. TV, purchased email lists, direct mail etc. Law Firm Internet Marketing Tools Attorney Website Marketing and Blog Marketing Our Long Island Marketing Consultants will create a new law firm website or blog for you that achieves your website goals, engages visitors and acts as a valuable resource to people online. We build visually appealing attorney websites that are effective marketing tools for law firms. Or, we can manage and update your existing site or blog with relevant content regularly as part of a maintenance plan. Attorney SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Link Building How do you get to the top rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc.? Through attorney seo services. Based on your desired keywords, we will update your website, its code, and its architecture, as well as deploy an off page seo campaign that will generate back links and increase search engine visibility. We employ only the most ethical "white hat" techniques which will lead to organic search engine optimization that falls within Google's strict guidelines. We also do the hard keyword research beforehand to make sure the keywords you use are ones people are actually searching with online. To rank higher, Google focuses very highly on the authority, quality and relevance of other websites, blogs, article sites etc. in which there are links back to your website. This area of seo is one of the most time consuming, grueling aspects; however, the pay offs are very high.  We work with clients to first establish the right sites from which backlinks should be created. We then generate links and create content that will link back to your website site.Attorney Search Engine Marketing - Google Pay Per Click Management Google Pap Per Click (PPC) campaigns are an excellent way to get a #1 ranking in literally hours by advertising with Google's pay for each click tool. Essentially, ads will appear in top ranked positions in Google that are triggered by specific keyword phrases. The advantage is that unlike other forms of advertising where you pay by the number of impressions (# times your ad was seen), in attorney ppc, you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. Ads are only shown in regions you would like and in timeframes you specifiy. Campaigns can be turned on and off easily. This targeted, measurable attorney internet marketing saves law firms money and drives leads. It also balances your law firm search engine optimization, which will take time to improve your "organic" (natural) rankings online.Attorney Local Map Optimization and Business Directory Optimization Google local maps and local business directories on Google Places, MSN (BING), and Yahoo Local capitalize on people searching locally for your business. These searches often lead to the highest conversion rates. Most people do not know that there are techniques to optimize these map and local listings so that you can appear in higher positions in the search engines. We specialize in optimizing all of your internet content. We do not limit optimization to your website. Attorney Social Media Marketing The key to effective attorney social media marketing is to understand how any media or marketing "channel" can be used to achieve your objectives and which channels are the right channels. Do a quick search of twitter and facebook (over 400 million people are on Facebook and the fastest growing new users are, you guessed, in the 45-60 age group) for attorneys. Countless attorneys are tweeting, running groups, and updating facebook fan pages. The key is that they are providing valuable content and information to their followers/friends that is engaging and useful, balanced with sharing personal thoughts and what we call "nuggets." We work with attorneys to put a social media marketing plan into effect from set-up to management and training. We'll even customize your facebook page and twiiter page for you. Build deeper relationships, monitor your brand, and provide better customer service.  Interactive Web Audit for Law Firms We can be hired to do a full blown analysis of every aspect of your internet marketing, seo and general web strategy. We provide a very detailed report (est. 20 pages) and present it to you with specific actions you can take to significantly improve your attorney marketing online, your search engine optimization and your overall web strategy. Analysis, report writing and presentation normally take three weeks to complete. Contact Upside Business Consultants today at 516.610.0922 for Long Island Law Firm Marketing and Attorney SEO.
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