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Should I Pay My SEO Company To Submit My Website To Search Engines Monthly?

seaDo I need to pay my SEO company fees to submit my site to search engines? If I don’t will my keyword rankings be hurt?

NO. While in the past submitting websites to search engines was a task many SEOs pursued to help get webpages indexed, it is basically not necessary now. The search engines have become more robust and are very capable of finding your webpages without resubmitting your entire website. Paying a fee for this service is a waste of money. Companies that claim that this is a needed service should be questioned and investigated as to their ethics.

To get a page indexed, Upside recommends that you ensure that the page itself has unique content, that you include it in your website sitemap (especially if the website is large), and that you build some white hat links to that webpage. This will do everything you need to help index the webpage. Submitting your website over and over will not help your rankings or net results.

Again, ranking your website for certain keywords and submitting your website over and over again to search engines are completely unrelated and a waste of your time and energy. If you are confused and need more help on ranking a keyword, then you need to do what is called on-site or on-page SEO (changes to your website content and code) and off-site or off-page SEO (activities external to your website).




1)Write good quality, original content on subjects for which there is demand.

2)Get a Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) account and submit your sitemap.xml files their.

3)Build backlinks to your webpages.

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Do I Need To Submit My Website To Hundreds Of Search Engines?

SEO Myths In short: NO. You do not need a search engine submission service!
You may have seen tactics used by low quality SEO companies (they usually come as SPAM emails and they are looking to charge a fee) as follows:

  • Telling you that you must pay them to submit your website to dozens or hundreds of search engines or more
  • That you must pay them to make sure you get your website indexed
  • That they can get you tons of hits on your website
  • That submitting your website to search engines is critical to SEO

None of this could be farther from the truth.

The truth is:

You do not need to submit your site to the search engines because they usually find your website on their own. Indexing can take anywhere from a day to a few weeks. To see if your site is indexed type the following into Google “”

Be sure to update to your actual domain name.

If your site is professionally designed with unique, quality content, your chances of indexing are much higher. Your site also needs to be coded in a way that is readable by search engines. If it is not, it does not matter if you submit to a ton of search engines, your site will stay invisible. Most of the time, you have nothing to worry about.

If possible, the best way to get your website indexed quickly is to get a link from a reliable website (blog, website, forum, press release etc.) that is already indexed. If you can not, then you can still do the following below to get started.

1. You can submit your new web site to Google yourself at:

2. You can set up a Google Webmaster Tools account and submit a sitemap there. You can create a sitemap for free on a number of websites only (Google “free sitemap creator”). You can then upload it to your website and submit to Google via your Webmaster Tools account. This will help Google understand what pages you have on your website and maximize their ability to become indexed. More information:

3. You can submit to Bing here:

4. You can submit to Yahoo here:

That is all you need to do.

Remember: The majority of search engines that do exist pull data from the top three (Google, Bing, Yahoo). As long as your site is indexed in these three, you should be covered. Est. 2/3 or more of all searches occur on Google anyway, so it is not necessary to be found in small, virtually unknown search engines.

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