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Three Local SEO Strategies Your Small Business Can Not Afford To Pursue

Local SEOIt’s 2015 and the SEO landscape is very different than it was 2-3 years ago. There are still many misconceptions out there about what you should and should not do. Here are three SEO strategies that local businesses should avoid at all costs:

1. Paid Link schemes

Getting your SEO company to build quality links for you (links from credible, relevant, high quality websites) is good. Paying for article spinning and links from unrelated, low quality sites will not only not work anymore, it will almost certainly catch up with you in the form of a penalty. If you do links, make sure they are built manually by your SEO company. Avoid companies that tell you they will build you hundreds or thousands of links per month. Quality is much more important than quantity.

2. Inconsistent Citation Building

Building Citations and adding your business to local listings is important to ranking locally. Some businesses decide that they will use a version of their company name that is stuffed with keywords to enhance their rankings. This will actually hurt rankings in the long run because Google will look for consistency between your Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) across the internet and they are looking for the same information. The chance of an incorrect, spammy name being consistently executed is very low. Always use your real business name and make sure it is stated correctly at all times. This will impact your Google map ranking, for example.

3. Low Quality or ‘Thin’ Content

Content matters a lot and is an essential component of your 2015 SEO plan. Small business owners know that blogging can be important as well as building good quality content on their websites. However, on a budget, many look for economical labor. Often, the result is a cheaply written blog or duplicate content, both of which can lead Google to look at your content as “thin,” unhelpful or not informative enough. The quality of the content on your site will impact your rankings. Take the time to ensure high quality standards and vet any writers who you hire. Be suspicious of artificially low pricing. You often do get what you pay for.

In sum, 2015 is not the year to take shortcuts with your local SEO. Take a conservative approach to link building, but do not overlook its importance. Make sure you are Citation building the right way. And, pay special attention to writing good quality content for your website. SEO is no longer (and has not been for a while) about keyword integration—your brand, its message, its content and its consistency across the web will impact your SEO campaign.

Good luck~

What are Citations and do I need them to get good local SEO campaign results?

citate-seoWhat are Citations exactly?
They are described as an online reference to your Name, Address and Phone number on other notable websites that are well indexed. Together, they form the acronym known as NAP. It’s very important that your NAP appears consistent throughout the web.

What is an example of a Citation?
A good example of a Citation would be having a listing on ‘Yelp.com’ or “Hotfrog.Com”. Other examples include: local business associations, the Chamber of Commerce, Superpages, etc. It’s very difficult for a CEO of a firm to pretend to have membership in a business index or Chamber of Commerce, especially if his/her information is mentioned in a popular blog post. As a result, Citations can significantly improve the trust Google has for your website as well as its credibility.  These are factors taken into consideration by ranking algorithms.

Why are Citations Important for Your Business?
The good thing about citations is that your website doesn’t even need a backlink from the site to get recognized in the search engines. Another plus is that citations confirm that a business is truly a part of a local community. The very fact that there are credible websites with your name on it can help your SEO efforts.  The quantity and consistency as well as content of your Citations will affect your local SEO rankings.  You want to have a lot of them and they need to all be consistent. Citations, coupled with links from popular high-ranking websites and a well optimized website (if you have one) can ultimately enhance your local search engine rankings.

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