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Not Just Video Marketing. Tips On Video Storytelling Your Long Island Business.

There are hundreds of social media and social networking sites, and the number is growing exponentially.Faced with a long list of potential new media opportunities, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, which ones should you use?

Today, we zero in on some basic reasons you should give YouTube video marketing a try and show you how some local, Long Island small businesses are using video marketing as a powerful marketing strategy.

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Have you tried video marketing?

The list of strategic marketing reasons to have video online goes on and on, including having a 24/7 salesperson, personalizing your brand, and being able to convey a powerful 3/D marketing message through a very engaging medium that is not static such as a regular webpage. Plus, data shows that sites with video tend to convert more prospects to customers.

Are all of these supporting reasons to consider video marketing reason enough for Long Island businesses to invest in a campaign that includes YouTube?
Some research into local videos shows that while the web is certainly not saturated with Long Island videos there are a number of companies taking advantage.  If you are thinking about jumping on the trend, here are a few ideas to help you stand out:

Make it Interesting
Show how it’s done. A company video can show something customers can’t usually see, such as how a product is made or where ingredients come from.  Reinwald’s Bakery in Huntington uploaded a video showing how they make one of their famous holiday treats, a gingerbread house.
Tell a story.  For service-oriented businesses, it can be more important to showcase your talent. Compelling personal narratives or quirky stories can favorably present your brand.
In a video showcasing Satur Farms on the North Fork of LI, the owner explains why she would leave a comfortable job as a wine distributor to manage her own farm.
Make it short. A quick, fast-paced video is key for YouTube audience’s attention span. If possible, keep it to 3-5 minutes.

Make it Relevant
Give new information. A potential customer who is not familiar with your company could benefit from facts about your location, social spaces, new products, or procedures. For example: The Long Island Marriot shows off its best rooms and conferences center, the Center Yacht Club in Center Moriches shows the specification of the docks, and the Eastern Long Island Hospital explains certain pain management procedures.
Share an event. A great way to follow-up a successful event is to a short video. It’ll also prove useful when it’s time to publicize next year’s repeat event. Check out how the Long Island Car Show or how the Riverview 2008 Striped Bass Tournament is caught on video.
Link to others. A video will get more exposure if it’s linked to a popular video.  Find a useful How To video and link to share your company’s advice. (Just remember to give credit to the original).

But most important: have it fit your brand’s strategy.  A YouTube video marketing campaign should serve the same purpose as any other marketing effort—it should first be a way to promote strategic interests like repositioning your brand, enhancing your marketing plan or reaching a new customer segment in a new way.

The last thought I’ll leave you with is the Long Island Rail Road’s foray into YouTube music video-making. Judge for yourself: LIRR “Gap Rap.”

Feel free to comment below to the Long Island marketing blog, contact our marketing consultants with your comments, or join up on Twitter @upsidebusiness. Special thanks to Kyra S. for her contributions, research and diligence.

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A Local Long Island Business Makes Waves With Social Media Marketing

How many of long Island’s small businesses can boast over 5,000 Facebook fans?

Seals | Atlantis Marine World Aquarium | Social Media Marketing Case Study | Long Island Marketing

At 5,317 fans and counting, Atlantis Marine World Aquarium in Riverhead, NY is ahead of the curve in attracting virtual fans on Facebook. How was Atlantis Aquarium able to achieve such Facebook popularity in a less than year since the page went up? Well, what seems to have come naturally to the Facebook page’s owners are a few great social media marketing strategies:

Creating a Voice:
The worst thing a company can do on a community-oriented site like Facebook is overtly sell, sell, sell.  Atlantis Aquarium avoids this fatal error by creating an authentic, friendly voice that fits their business.  Playful posts that mention “Feeding Nemo!” or an otter’s “mid-summer’s day snooze” create a wholesome, humorous voice for their brand. This especially helps market visiting the aquarium as a kid-friendly activity.

Interacting: A Long Island business has the benefit of having a relatively small, manageable group of customers. While Pepsi Co. couldn’t possibly respond to 50+ comments on every status update, a small business can easily manage a few Facebook posts a day.  Atlantis Aquarium takes this approach, responding to many comments—including those from children—answering questions and encouraging more interaction. Even posts such as “Thank you for posting! We want to hear more – keep writing!” show that the company is listening, which encourages more participation.  The aquarium even responded to criticism about the price of parking with helpful suggestions!

Exclusivity: If you can get all of the information you want on a corporate website, why go to Facebook? Atlantis leverages Facebook to take you behind the scenes of, for example, their Shark Week, showing pictures of how they prepared the exhibit. This is information you cannot get anywhere else.

Media Integration: As witty as the creators are, their posts alone couldn’t sustain that kind of fandom if they didn’t integrate interesting content.  The posts include pictures or videos of their animals, information about upcoming shows, and discounts. Families can also upload personal pictures to an appropriate album. Events are added to their Facebook page and links to relevant articles are displayed. All of their advertising efforts (discounts, promotional materials, videos) are integrated into the fan page in a cohesive way. They are also integrated into additional social media sites such as Twitter and YouTube.

Atlantis Aquarium’s growing number of fans is certainly impressive. More importantly, the company’s Facebook strategy is admirable because it is increasing engagement with loyal customers and deepening relationships with two generations of customers simultaneously in a meaningful way.

What other Long Island small businesses or organizations do you know that are using social media marketing well to build their brands?

Feel free to comment below to the Long Island marketing blog, contact our Long Island marketing consultants at Upside Business Consultants with your comments, or join up on Twitter @upsidebusiness.

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