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What is Long Island SEO? Long Island search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website for top local rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines on Long Island. The goal is threefold: 1) get your website ranked in the first few spots for your keywords 2) build the pipeline to new, profitable customers looking for your products/services online 3) attract the most desirable kind of website visitors to take an action on your site.

Optimizing your website on Long Island requires more than just SEO talent, it requires the commitment of a trusted Long Island SEO company that will be able to get you results even as Google and Search Engine algorithms change. It also takes a company willing and able to lay out your SEO strategy upfront and demonstrate its SEO process is "white hat" so that you do not get penalized.

No shortcuts. Upside is proud to be recognized by clients as one of the most thorough, process oriented, up-to-date SEO companies on Long Island. We change with the times and use white hat SEO tactics that won't get your website rankings damaged. We combine on-page SEO with content marketing, conversion optimization tactics, social media optimization and link building to get you results. To your prospects, this will translate to a better, more engaging experience on your website, because we also work on making navigation easy, speeding up your website load time, and making sure content is truly helpful to the User.

What are the benefits of our Long Island SEO services:
+ Enhance your website's visibility in Search Engines
+ Attract higher quality prospects and SEO leads
+ Save on Google advertising bills
+ Build more trust for your brand thorugh higher positions
+ Get measurable results
+ Optimize your website to maximize conversions
+ Better overall brand experience for your customers

SEO Consulting Services, Long Island, NY

Upside is a full service SEO company. All of our work is done in house and we never offshore your lead generation. Link building is done in house. We don't take short cuts and we don't use provate blog networks that may get discovered. Each client gets their own SEO strategy and consulting time with our Consultants. We are thorough and we follow practices that will reward your website rankings.

We have a long list of Long Island clients that you can call to confirm that we are the right company for you, and we have packages that will meet your budget.

We provide local Long Island SEO, Website SEO and Off Page SEO services for small businesses as well as SEO Training for professionals, marketers and companies who want to perform SEO in house. Whether you are a law firm, a product based business or a services business, we've got you covered.

SEO Strategy: SEO blueprints, website SEO audits, SEO keyword research, competitive benchmarking, "reverse engineering" etc.  Algorithms change and we stay on top of all of those changes for you, using ethical SEO techniques.

Local SEO: Getting high visibility on search engine Map Packs including  Google, Yahoo and Bing for Local Searches. Also includes image/video search.

Website SEO: Upgrading your website to maximize its opportunity for organic first page ranking on competitive keywords.This includes SEO copywriting and content structuring to help give you the best chance to show up in spot "0", before the first organic listings, in featured snippets. We make sure your content meets Google's Quality rating guidelines.

Off-Page SEO/Manual Link Building: Various activities including link building, content optimization and distribution, Video SEO, Article Writing, influencer outreach, Social Media Optimization, Blogging etc. to create authority, relevant and unique content that achieves links. We only approach quality, relevant websites for links.

Reverse SEO: Helping to maximize your image online by limiting visibility of any negative press or comments a.k.a online reputation management.

SEO & Conversion Analysis: Reporting, audits and analysis of metrics.

How much does website SEO cost?

SEO Prices vary based on goals, number and competitiveness of keywords, and your timeline. We have a number of affordable SEO Packages. Monthly SEO usually costs anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the your keywords, your specific needs, and your industry's competitive landscape.

What Makes Our SEO Company Unique and Different?

A Focus on Quality from first click thru a Conversion action: Quality SEO does not cost. It pays! Quality content, strong usability, mobile friendliness, original/helpful and unique content are equally in focus when you do Long Island SEO with Upside. So is good technical SEO to form the foundation of your SEO plan. We know that you have much more at stake than your rankings: your reputation and your brand are just as important. Links are also important, and we pay particular attention to the quality and relevancy of the sites from which you gain links. The ability of your site to create conversions, whether those are calls, forms or sign ups or sales, are also essential components of SEO. We can track clicks, calls and other conversions with analytics, heat mapping, and call tracking, to name a few.

We Know Google's Official Search Quality Guideliness. Our agency is the only on Long Island that truly uses Google's official Search Quality Guidelines to drive your content strategy. We research and understand the quality signals specific to your industry, your niche as well as the type of search queries that will bring in quality traffic. 

Comprehensive SEO: All SEO strategies combine strong on page SEO and off page SEO as well as social media optimization and natural link building strategies. Link building is done manually and is highly targeted for your industry. Our strategies are designed to obtain multiple page one rankingsand help secure as much share of voice on Google page one as is possible.

The case studies to prove our abilities—National and Local SEO Rankings: we have ranked highly searched competitive terms (two word key phrases) to local keywords (geo area + product/service) and we have the case studies to back it up and present to you. But are most proud of our focus on Results and brining targeted traffic to your site. We know what counts most.

Experienced, SEO experts: your account is managed and executed by a Senior Consultant with an MBA and over 18 years of marketing experience.

We are thorough and transparent: Every SEO campaign is well thought out and is driven by research and data as well as analytics. At any time our SEO consultants can clearly explain to you your SEO strategy and the details behind the work. We are proud of being one of the most thorough firms in the industry.

"White Hat" Ethical SEO Practices: SEO results are from ethical, “white hat” SEO only. At no time are black hat SEO tactics used that will get your website penalized or banished from search engines. We sleep well at night. So should you.  We also have experience helping sites that were penalized or who have bad link profiles that need to be cleaned or disavowed.

Hi Quality Control: All work is done locally, in house. Work is not outsourced to other countries. Analytics and data as well as competitive analysis drive our process. Results are for natural search results, not for paid advertising visibility.

Strong client references: Over 90% of Upside's clients are based in Long Island and NYC. We are very happy to connect you to happy clients during the interview process. Our client retention rates are some of the highest in the industry.

We are truly local with local offices: Are you looking to forge a relationship with a true local seo? Many of our clients tell us that they have worked remotely with other companies and have had poor results. If working with a business that specializes in search engine optimization for Long Island, NY and New York tri-state businesses is important to you, reach out to us. Our offices are in Hauppauge and Roslyn, NY.

Website SEO vs. Pay Per Click (Google Adwords)

Is SEO the best strategy? SEO is a process and in the long run, it can lead to a higher return on your investment than Adwords and lower advertising expenses. It is also much more "permanent" of a web marketing solution.

Pay Per Click (PPC) can provide immediate visibility and leads, as well as a first page presence for your keywords, however you will pay every time someone clicks on your ad. To be successful in PPC, you need to have an advertising budget and constant attention to convert new customers cost-effectively. When you stop a PPC campaign, your first page visibility on Google will disappear.

Contact Upside Business Consultants today at 516.610.0922 for Long Island SEO. Upside also provides NYC SEO Company services. Visit our Long Island Marketing homepage.

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SEO Service Areas: Providing SEO Optimization to Nassau County, Suffolk County on Long Island. NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut and beyond also served.


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