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Upside Business Consultants provides New York based hi definition web video productions and video marketing services geared towards small and medium sized business owners located in the Long Island & NYC area. Video marketing and production services range from simple commercial style spots combining your text and images to in depth “on location” video commercials and short films or branding videos.

Our award winning in-house videographer has over 15 years of experience and a film degree. Each end product represents your vision combined with an artistic touch and marketing message.

We care so much about video that our creative arm, Upside Creative Pro built this special site for you to learn more:

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Find complete information about video services. Learn about our packages and see video examples!

Video Marketing Packages
1: Visibility Basic
:30, :45 or :60 second long YouTube ready commercial. Using your logo, photos and text, we develop a short commercial telling people what you do. Includes a title and an end slide. Optimized for your keywords and placed onto YouTube (the second largest search engine), targetting specific geographic areas. Voiceover included. A great value for the level of exposure.

2. Brand Builder: During a two hour professional video shoot at your place of business, we interview you on camera, shoot footage of your company location and present back to you a fully edited, documentary style video that tells your story. Title and end slides included. Any length spot can be developed, starting at one minute in length. 

3. Custom: Any type, length or style custom video can be developed from scripting through post production. A professional movie studio, green screen and photo studio is available for use too. Videos can be instructional, general, motivational, descriptive or for any purpose.

Why Choose Upside's Long Island Video Productions?

• Broadcast quality professional work at competitive prices
• In house videographer with over 10+ years of film experience
• Free YouTube upload and Search Engine Optimization for each video is included free of charge
• Every web video is custom developed and professionally edited at our Long Island video production studio
• Free voiceover services included
• Ready for use on your website or use anywhere on the internet
• Call tracking available
• Your call to action included into every web video
View a few video examples here

They say that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million words. Where does video marketing fit into your online marketing plan this year? Promotional web videos are powerful marketing tools used to educate people about your products, your services and your brand. In 60 seconds or less, a web video can communicate what is unique about your business to your target audience. A professional, hi definition web video production with a compelling message and imagery has a much higher chance of ranking on page one of the search engine results pages and converting more leads to paying customers than traditional media.

Some video marketing facts below:

• Web sites with video are more than 50 times likelier to be on Google page one search results (Forrester research, 2009)
• Website videos convert more prospects to paying customers than web pages do  
• 74% of consumers are watching online videos to preview products and services.
• Videos appear in 70% of Search Engine Results Pages.
• Videos take up more share of voice on page one of Google than static web pages.
• 50% of local searches are done on mobile devices and online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. Video combined with mobile is a huge part of future online marketing.
• Marketing videos are social media ready and can easily be integrated into to your website, your YouTube channel and any web property you own.

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