Our Unique Internet Marketing Audit



A Full Evaluation of Your Online Marketing Program Across Every Media Channel

Internet marketing has become an essential part of most small business’s marketing programs and expenditures are increasing exponentially every year as business owners seek more profitable ways to invest precious marketing dollars.

When conducted without a sound strategy, internet marketing can easily drain your business and erode your profit. When done right, interactive marketing can be more targeted, more measurable, more flexible and often return more sales than traditional advertising can.

Thinking 360

Upside’s 360 Internet Marketing Audit program is specifically designed to help small business owners transform their online marketing programs into workhorse machines. Without the need for a large investment or time commitment, our team will assess and evaluate every aspect of your internet marketing strategy and follow by making specific, actionable changes that you can start implementing that same day to achieve better results. A senior internet marketing consultant will go ‘under the hood’ of your marketing program and evaluate its effectiveness.

What’s included?

Depending on the size of your company, we estimate a one half-3/4 day at your place of business, 2-3 weeks to produce a 15-30 page written evaluation and recommendations report, and follow up appointments as needed.

  • A full analysis and gaps analysis of your online marketing strategy by a senior level marketing consultant
  • 360 degrees assessment of your online marketing strategy as well as how well it integrates you’re your traditional marketing activities
  • Website design, conversion and performance
  • A 100+ point check of your Search Engine Optimization with specific SEO recommendations (both on page and off page SEO)
  • An evaluation of your social media marketing strategy across all social channels, including blogs
  • We’ll look at your Email program and your prior email blast performance
  • An online marketing competitor benchmark against your top three competitors
  • Assessment of your current pay per click program and account (if applicable)
  • Overall assessment of your conversion and online marketing performance
  • A historical analysis of your website analytics (we hope you have an analytics package already installed. If not we will help you get one installed)
  • We will prioritize the actions you need to take and where possible make specific budget recommendations or estimates based on information we collect
  • We will come to your business and walk you through all recommendations and findings with your top staff in a collaborative session
  • We will outline how any changes will impact staffing or job descriptions
  • We will follow with one one one or group training as needed for your in house staff as an overview of agreed upon changes
  • We can focus in on certain areas in more detail as needed

Is this an investment or an expense?

When you put money toward something that will improve your results, generate more income and decrease costs on suboptimal marketing programs, we believe that qualifies 360IMA as a marketing investment.

  • Our assessments have saved client’s tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Our recommendations have helped companies expand their markets, increase revenue and bring in new business for less than one print run.
  • An outside perspective from a leading marketing consultancy can open your eyes to large upside potential in your business, new markets and new sources of revenue.
  • Our evaluation ensures that you are spending dollars based on a sound strategy and that your marketing program is built to work.
  • We can also save you money by evaluating your current online marketing expenditures and tell you if you are overpaying any vendors.

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