About Us and Why We Are Different

Managed Monthly Marketing that grows your customer base.

Our Clients: Upside Business Consultants works with local, Regional and National companies who are highly motivated to grow their business.

How We Work: We help you invest your previous advertising and marketing dollars into strategies that work. Making the process easy on you, we accomplish this thru monthly managed marketing/advertising services including SEO, Search Advertising, and Content Marketing. We first build a plan, then manage the execution of that plan each month while you run your business and focus on customers.

We Believe In:

  1. Producing quality work based on a strategy that works.
  2. Investing in talented people who genuinely care.
  3. Executing plans consistently with attention to detail.
  4. Allocating budgets to higher Return on Investment (ROI) strategies.

We aren’t just different. We actually do things differently.

From your first phone call to our daily interactions, you will notice how we have a personal touch in everything we do. We are on a first name basis with each client, whether it’s a National client or a local small business. And we genuinely care about our Clients.

So, what makes us different? We are “Performers” not ‘Creatives.’

  • Our core competency is Search Marketing & Advertising. This is where we excel. Other agencies go a mile wide and a foot deep. We go a foot wide and a mile deep. That means “expertise” for you.
  • Excellent Client retention rate and exceptional references upon request.
  • Each member of our team has well over 10 years of digital/marketing experience. 
  • We are selective about only taking on Clients we can hit the ball out of the park.
  • We are very honest, transparent and trustworthy. We are also local.
  • We are ‘performers’ – not Creatives – who drive results. We like to talk about conversion rates, cost per conversion, rankings etc. That’s what we care about most because that’s what our Clients say they want.

We also believe stronger relationships lead to better results for you.
So, we focus on getting to know you, your business, your needs and everything on your mind.

Our approach: making sure your marketing pays for itself.

Everything we do revolves around questions like “what can be done to make this better?” “how do we create a better strategy?”

We constantly look for ways to shift marketing dollars to the most effective strategies, and we stay flexible.

We have impromptu meetings, obsess about each client and work tirelessly to improve our clients’ programs.

We stay up to date with technology and digital marketing, so that you do too.

Where did we come from? Our Story.

Let me tell you a story…

Back in 2007, I remember being in a Corporate meeting for one of the top 100 Companies in the U.S.

The marketing department had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising tactics that were virtually impossible to measure for a Grand Opening of a new retail location.

I asked, “How do we know if it is working?”

No one could answer the question, yet money was flying out the door just the same.

We also wanted to change our marketing programs quickly, but the way we were marketing meant planning way in advance without the ability to make real-time strategy changes based on the results we were seeing.

Money was bleeding out of large marketing budgets using traditional media.

And while we believed traditional media was important to reach certain demographics, we also knew there was a more measurable way to grow using digital marketing and reach important audiences.

The problem was clear:

Marketing like this created more questions than answers. Marketing like this was out of date.

We also noticed that small businesses had other challenges.

For example, they often did not have the in house expertise.

So we built marketing services that solve these problems.
Upside’s programs help businesses not just attract leads, but generate customers while building their brands and differentiating. Our marketing programs:

  1. work in coordination with one another
  2. are designed to attract the most profitable type of customers, and
  3. can be measured and modified in almost real time, in most cases, to enhance results.

Let’s build your business together. If you’d like to get to know each other better, reach out and let’s talk. Call 516-610-0922.


Doug Betensky, Owner

Doug Betensky, Upside Business Consultants