21 Ways To Launch Your New Facebook Page and Grow Your Fan Base

Launch Facebook PageLaunching a new Facebook fan page is exciting but also daunting for many. Knowing how to promote your page is not always obvious, but there are some relatively simple ways you can actively increase the visibility of your page and your posts. Facebook’s internal algorithm continually updates and only a percentage of your Fan page posts are ever seen by your Fans (known as “Reach”).  That is why you have two jobs: 1) writing exceptional content. 2) promoting that content and making sure it gets seen by your audience.

If promoting your page and getting the visibility you want is important to you, try some of these tips below to help launch your page and grow your Facebook page:

1.    Artwork: First, make sure your cover art and profile image are professionally designed, branded and that they meet Facebook’s guidelines. The first time people go to your page, they will consider becoming a Fan based on what they see. Make sure your page communicates a strong image. Here is some information from Facebook’s site: https://www.facebook.com/help/492441920771107/

2.    Clean Url: Make your page easier to share by changing the name of your Facebook page’s hyperlink to a vanity url that is better for branding and print materials (go to https://www.facebook.com/username)

3.    Unique Content: Provide exclusive content Fans can only get on your page. While sharing content written by others is a good idea, it is also important to provide something unique, developed by your company. If people like the content and they know they can only get it on your page, your page can become a valued resource with a clear benefit.

4.    Consistent Execution: Be consistent with your execution. Stay on track and on schedule. A social media content plan you develop before your page launch will help you know how often to post, when to post, what to post etc. Executing posts consistently will show your community that you care, that you are reliable and that your are committed to them.

5.    Website Promotion: Add a Facebook icon/widget to your business’s website for clients to have easy access to your Facebook page. Cross pollinate your Facebook page on your website “hub” in high visibility areas in your website template.

6.    Cross Promote from Content Hubs: Cross promote your Facebook page by adding a sentence at the end of each new released article or blog post on your website with a call to action. For example: “Like us on Facebook to get important industry news, tips, and articles.”

7.    Email Link: Add a link to your Facebook page at the end of your email signature block.

8.    Email Blasts: Invite your e-mail contacts to like your Facebook page through e-mail blasts and personal e-mails as needed. It’s important to convey the value of the page’s content and center your message around “joining a community,” not “Liking” you. Remember, it’s about them, not you.

9.    Outreach To Facebook ‘Friends’: Also remember to invite your friends straight from Facebook through the Facebook Page admin panel. Try to focus on friends who you believe will benefit from the page.

10.    Mention on Citations: Include a link to your Facebook page in local business directories. Many allow you to post a link to your page.

11.    Use Shareable Images: Post images onto Facebook with text embedded in them. Create the image yourself and include your business web address as a watermark. People tend to engage, share and click on images more than other posts. When they do, your reach can increase as people see the original content creator.

12.    Leverage Business Partners: Get business partners to announce and/or share your page on their Fan Pages, on their websites or even on their own email blasts.

13.    Reach Out To Other Fan Pages: Like other Facebook pages who serve your potential audience. It’s important to be tactful here and not poach competitor’s Fans. We are talking about Fan pages that serve a similar audience but are non competing. Remember to be a helpful contributor and become a valued part of that community first. Once you have established trust with the page and its community, you can reach out to the page Admin and discuss opportunities for content sharing. You can share posts on each other’s pages. Getting on the phone and introducing yourself in person first (if you are local) are even more personal ways to build those relationships.  Spamming another page with your link on their Wall or in a comment thread will backfire and is not good social etiquette.

14.    Get Your Staff Involved: Add social savvy staff members as Admins to your business’s Facebook page to allow them to also post informative and captivating content. Have them invite their own contacts. It’s important to carefully select page Admins and their level of access to the page. At minimum, train all staff about how the page is used in your business and appropriate ways to share the page with customers with whom they interact.

15.    Facebook Advertising: Use Facebook ads, boosted posts and sponsored stories to build your fan base, if needed. Facebook is a public company and is aggressively promoting its advertising platform. Only a percentage of your posts ever reach your fans (called “reach). Reach can be expanded through Advertising on Facebook through boosted posts and advertising for Likes, to name a few. If you want to target specific demos, Facebook’s advertising platform can be a good resource if you have the budget.

16.    Good ‘OL Word Of Mouth: Tell family and friends about your new Facebook page offline (Word of Mouth) and get them to join by word of mouth.

17.    Cross Link on Other Social Profiles: Mention your Facebook page on other social network sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pintrest.

18.    Offline Promotions: If you have a Bricks and Mortar business, use print collateral such as business cards, flyers, bag stuffers, brochures, invoices etc. to announce your page.

19.    Contests: You can run contests on your page to attract more attention but beware. Offering a promo to attract initial attention may work but it may not sustain a long term relationship. If you provide an offer for a contest, be sure it helps forge a stronger long term relationship with your company or even leads to a potential sale. If you just offer a chance at a new iphone, for example, you may attract people who want a new iphone but have no interest afterwards in your content or your product/service. Avoid short term schemes that may lead to drop offs. Make sure you follow Facebook’s guidelines, which change over time.

20.    Press Releases: This one is not for everybody, but If you are doing something special and press worthy on your page, consider sending out a press release announcing that you have recently launched or revamped your Facebook page. Follow up with the news outlets and use a reputable press release distribution company (write to us if you need advice, we do not want to single any out here).

21.    Don’t forget about the basics: a successful page starts with good content that is consumable and resonates with your audience. Be different, be unique, try new things and always experiment (in a calculated way) to see what types of posts get the most visibility. Differentiate and never become a “me too” page.

Following some of these tips should help you get your Facebook page launch on its way. Have fun, be creative, be authentic and most importantly, always think about your audience first. Results take commitment, consistency and time. Hang in there. If you ever hit a wall, consider consulting a internet marketing company to help you overcome challenges.

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