How You Will Know If Your Blog Is Good Enough To Post: The 3 Question Litmus Test

redyWe all have self-doubts about deciding when a blog is “ready” to publish, or if we should publish an article at all. If you are on the fence about publishing a blog or deciding if it is “good enough” to post, here are three simple questions you can ask yourself:

1.    Would I share this article directly with a customer, in person?
If the article is well written, customer centric and helpful enough to solve a customer issue, you are on the right track. If you feel comfortable enough to stand behind your writing and show it to a paying customer, then it is most likely good enough to post too.

The bottom line: Only post blogs that you think your customers or clients would benefit from directly. Do not just post an article with the sole purpose of scaling up the size of your website. If you have a content marketing service, make sure every blog that is posted is reviewed and approved beforehand.

2.    What is the purpose behind publishing this blog?
If you are writing about something, it should be about a topic that is not only relevant to your customers, but also to your own business goals or to a definable end. If not, why bother posting it? If you do not know the answer to this question, then there may be a gap between what you are producing as content and your content marketing objectives.

The bottom line: Your blog should be relevant to a goal you have defined and it should be written with a specific purpose. This will help you stay on strategy.

3.    Is it technically Sound?
Does the article stay on topic? Does it have good flow? Good content? Correct grammar? Is it unique? Is it relevant to issues on your customers’ minds? Does it have a good title and structure? Is it optimized for search engines?

The Bottom Line: Make a check list that defines what a blog needs to accomplish in order to make it publishable and stick by it.

Ask yourselves these three questions to make sure you have a baseline standard of quality. Good luck!