I Don’t Have a Mobile-Friendly Website… What Are the Consequences?

Mobile Friendly WebsiteIf your website is not mobile-friendly and your customers are heavy users of mobile devices like iPads and iPhones, then you may be missing out on leads or inquiries if you are a service business and sales if you are a product based business.

Besides impacting your top line, here are five practical reasons to have a mobile-friendly website now, as we head into 2015:

Better rankings: Google is labeling websites as “mobile-friendly” in search engine results pages seen on mobile devices, and it is increasingly using mobile usability as a ranking factor. Mobile friendliness is directly linked to SEO and conversion.

Better branding: A mobile friendly website provides a more consistent user experience to your customer base, which is important for branding and service.

The Future Is In Your Hands: Mobile is the fastest growing marketing channel in the past decade, and mobile search is going to outpace Desktop search.

Sense of Urgency: Customers on mobile devices are looking for instant information and are very likely to want to make a purchase; visit a store; book an appointment; make a reservation, etc. they tend to be on-the-go and very quick to leave a site that is not mobile-friendly. If your customers expect you to be accessible via the Internet, then it’s time to become mobile friendly.

Beat The Competitors: What makes you memorable and stand out? If you want a leg up on the competition, a mobile friendly website is an excellent way to differentiate.

The above assumes your audience uses mobile devices. There are cases where a business does not tend to attract business on mobile devices. Always understand your target audiences’ habits, likes, dislikes and behaviors first before making an investment. Your Web marketing agency can help you retrofit your existing site or install a new template onto your site that is responsively coded. If you do not know where to start, give us a call at: 516.610.0922. We are happy to answer your questions.