Is Publishing My Blog Posts on LinkedIn Publisher Considered Duplicate Content, and Is It Bad for SEO?

Duplicate ContentThis is a question many marketers have asked as they consider making posts on LinkedIn Publisher. We found an excellent article that evaluates this issue, and below is a summary of that article’s key points as well as a link to the article, which we recommend that you read.

Short Answer: Publishing the same blog posts on LinkedIn

Publisher, which you previously published on your blog site, is a risk that “has all of the signs of a potential penalty.” The best course is to not replicate content, but to create specific content for each marketing channel your company uses.

The article explains that LinkedIn Publisher “hasn’t been around long enough to really and truly impact search results.” However, the way LinkedIn Publisher auto codes its posts tell the search engines (through canonical tagging) that the post you make on LinkedIn originates on LinkedIn and not a third party source, such as your blog. Because the Authority of LinkedIn will most often outweigh your blog, it could hurt the rankings of your blog posts and could potentially make them harder to find in the search engines. It’s best to avoid potential duplicate content.

Advice: In the long-run, keeping your content unique to the original platform is the most risk averse method, and a best practice when dealing with new content marketing channels like LinkedIn Publisher. The article advises talking about a topic and create unique content related to that topic for each platform as the best approach.
Excerpts (paraphrasing may be used below from the original article to make the points clear):

By not duplicating content on LinkedIn and keeping your content differentiated across platforms:

1) You are completely bypassing any and all duplicate content questions that can be raised by canonical tagging, and

2) You are creating content in two separate spaces potentially improves your visibility in search results, because the LinkedIn Publisher posts will not only be searchable on LinkedIn, but they will be searchable in Google itself.

One thing you can certainly do is share links to your original blog posts on your status updates, in Groups and, etc. However, sharing a link and sharing content will be viewed differently than publishing an article on LinkedIn. It’s best to proceed with caution at this time until more data is available and/or Google makes a statement as to how it will deal with this type of content marketing in search results.

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