Seven Creative Ways To Use Video For Service Businesses

Video MarketingVideo marketing is a powerful medium. In some cases, it is more powerful than the written word. In fact, by 2017, 74 percent of all Web traffic will be dominated by video, according to marketing experts.

There is no question, now is the right time to start implementing a video marketing campaign into your marketing strategy. If you are new to the video marketing arena, getting started with video may seem a bit overwhelming to absorb. So, our team brainstormed five creative ways to start using video to help gain more exposure to your service business:

1. Ask a common question and answer it – Vlog OR speak about a new law, regulation, trend, statistic or change in your industry that will impact clients. Align the question to profitable service areas that you provide. Embed the video into those webpages on your website.

2. Do a monthly update to your clients showing them the trends and industry data that are critical to their business. Send an email blast out with the video or a link to the video.

3. Make a video thank-you and send it out to Clients. For example, a send a Holiday season video message, or send a video to people who you networked with at a tradeshow, etc.

4. Make a branding video that highlights your company’s unique characteristics and put it on your homepage and YouTube. Differentiate from other service providers.

5. Make a video that asks your prospects to take an action. For example, you may want to build a landing page for your email opt-in list. On the webpage, a video explains why joining your email list is beneficial to others.

6. Make a video explain something complex that your company tries in simple terms. Video is an excellent medium to make the technical easier to understand. Use imagery and simple explanations to make your service offerings clearer.

7. Get the client to provide video testimonials or have them come to your office, and professionally film a short testimonial that you can share with others. Testimonials gives future customers the opportunity to see how much people love your service. Video testimonials are also a great way to help boost your creditability, and it can place a person’s mind at ease when making a buying decision. Don’t forget to post them to your social media sites!

Bonus: Repurpose old blog posts into shortened, video versions that are easier to consume. Then post them as new blogs referencing the old blog post.

In summary, video marketing is not only an excellent tool for attracting visitors to your website, if your video is well produced, it could increase the amount of time people spend on a Web page. The longer a visitor remains on a page, the better. According to a recent study taken by, 46% of visitors took some form of action after watching a video advertisement on a website. As you can see, video marketing is an effective way to help boost your ROI.

Have you used any creative video ideas that worked for your business? Please share, we would love to hear.