COVID-19 Update


With 100% Virtual Operations & No Service Delays, Upside Continues To Safely Work With Clients During COVID-19

Important Notice to Clients:

We hope your families are safe and sound during these difficult times.

Please note that our priority is maintaining the safety of both our Clients and our Staff at all times as well as continued, uninterrupted Service to you, our Clients.

That is why our team is set up to work 100% remotely and will continue to do so as long as is needed.

We are fortunate to have built an internet-based infrastructure many years ago and as a result, we are able to function virtually without delay (with the exception of in person mtgs with Clients in our office).

We are able to Safely and Remotely work with you in the following ways:

  • Phone
  • Video Conferencing / Zoom / Go2Mtg etc.
  • Google Hangouts
  • Texting
  • Email
  • Messaging
  • Carrier Pigeon or Shouting from Across the Way also acceptable (for those of us who need a little levity for the moment)

Our Operations are in the Cloud and 100% capable of providing all Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC Needs.

How We Are Helping:

  • For many Clients, we have helped put important COVID-19 Updates on their websites; crafted content and announcements to get the word out to potential customers; and generally, adapt to the situation as it changes.
  • SEO strategies to improve visibility for the COVID-19 environment.
  • We are providing Free Consultations to business owners.
  • We are retooling messaging/advertising plans moment by moment so that Clients can adapt to the market with better ROI.
  • We are advising on Strategies to engage with a relevant message customers will be receptive to hearing at the moment.
  • We are helping Clients transition their Service model and digital marketing to a more virtual relationship with Customers.
  • We are ramping up social media and digital marketing for Clients who need a stronger voice online.

Marketing will always be essential to all businesses. And if not Marketing, then Communicating clearly to your customers and prospects about the State of your business and how you will Service them safely now and into the future will remain critical.

I personally wish you, your family and your friends safety and sound health during this time frame.

Let this time bring us closer, in new ways, and learn how to safely adapt to the ever changing World around us.


Doug Betensky & Team Upside

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