Guest Speaking Services – SEO, Google Ads, Digital Marketing Strategy

The digital marketing world is changing at an unprecedented pace, and the search marketing landscape even faster. What are Best Practices in search marketing? What should we be doing that we are not? What’s true and what is a myth? How do we prevent mistakes and focus our efforts when there are so many choices? How do we avoid marketing “dead ends”? We answer these questions in our guest speaking and conference presentations using easy to understand explanations.

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 in-person presentations are temporarily unavailable.

Current Topics to choose from:

  • 2021 SEO Strategies Every Business Needs to Pursue
  • How To Reverse Engineer The Competition’s Search Strategy
  • Remarketing: The Missing Link To Your Digital Sales Funnel
  • 10 Actionable Ways to Improve SEO
  • The Golden SEO Triangle: The Three Strategies You Need to Win in ‘White Hat’ SEO
  • Demystifying the Top 20 SEO and Google Ads Myths
  • How To Audit Your SEO & Create Actionable Insights
  • LinkedIn B2B Advertising Strategy: What Every Business Needs to Know to Reach People, Accounts and Companies.


  • 45-60 minute presentations
  • Half-day training workshops
  • Full-day training

If you are looking for an SEO & Online Advertising speaker who is an expert on Search Engine Optimization, PPC & Social Media Marketing, get in touch with Doug Betensky today!

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Who’s Talking?

Doug Betensky, CEO

Doug Betensky is a seasoned SEO Speaker for companies who run private and invite-only events. With expertise in digital and search marketing, he has spoken to audiences from 10-500 around the United States at Summits, Conferences, Private Workshops and Local Events on a range of topics.

Doug aims to simplify the mystery of digital marketing and educate audiences on search engine marketing and advertising. Audience members will experience light bulb moments as the practical strategies laid out by Doug become clear. His focus is to help businesses understand how to approach digital marketing in a way that beats their competition and leverages the incredible amount of data available. Data can be intimidating and is often overlooked to find opportunities. Doug’s goal is to make data easier to understand, help transform how you approach search marketing, and provide practical strategies you will implement.

“We are still impressed over here with your FLAWLESS Presentation!!!!! ” – recent Client (Software Industry)