Doug Betensky, President


It's About Net Impact, Not Just KPIs and Results on Paper

Doug Betensky is the Founder and President of Upside Business Consultants.  With over 20 years of leadership experience, Doug has helped Fortune 500, middle market and small businesses grow by developing and managing search engine optimization, search advertising, social/web advertising, and digital marketing programs that get measurable results.

The “Inside Story” on SEO & Marketer Doug Betensky: Although Doug’s primary focus is his local and National clients’ day-to-day requirements, he is also sought after by national companies, the press and other marketing agencies to speak about his core areas of expertise: search engine optimization and digital advertising strategy. 

Doug is known to go to great lengths to improve Client’s results and solve problems ‘others could not or would not.’

He is known to make “bold” changes; tear down and rebuild programs when needed; and obsess over ways to improve results.

Doug is also loyal to a fault to his Clients and believes that great Marketing can actually “change lives.” 

“Nothing makes me more happy than seeing Clients’ families doing well. “Think about that. That’s my “fuel, my “charge” and why I do what I do and am excited to do it every day.  In my opinion, the end game is Net Long Term Impact not just short term Results or KPIs, right?  I’ll take the long haul over a quick fix program any day. I’m patient. A lot of people are not. They want to rush results instead of building something that will produce into the future. But the best Clients, they always get it.

I also choose very carefully who I am working with on a daily basis. I only take on certain Clients that are a good fit and I only work with and hire people who are positive, sharp, thoughtful and talented who really care about Clients and the work itself. You can’t teach that. It’s innate…”

In his spare time, Doug enjoys time with family, gardening, the great outdoors, the culinary arts, and playing drums/percussion.

Doug Betensky, Upside Business Consultants