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Reach Your Audience In New Ways

Could your business build better customer relationships or convert more prospects into customers with email marketing?

How many of us have contacts, customers and even prospects that we choose not to communicate with? Email marketing with email blasts on Long Island is great way for local business owners to leverage their contact lists to communicate and share useful information, as well as promote their products and services.

Often, email marketing, used in tandem with other marketing strategies can improve sales, create new ways to communicate with valuable customers, and fill gaps in your marketing plan.

At Upside, an optimal email strategy is a highly targeted one that includes reaching customers who have expressed interest in your company and would like to hear from you. In our experience, using email for opt-in only customers who really represent your target audience will yeild you the best results. We do not advocate spam tactics or sending emails at random with purchased lists.

Email Marketing Is Easy: With either a template or a custom HTML designed email template, through email service providers such as Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Mail Chimp etc. you can upload your customer database and execute an email marketing campaign. Some small business owners choose to design their own emails, while others work with an experienced email marketing agency to design an email strategy, email campaign and email blast that will convert customers and drive their marketing message with the highest open rates and conversions.

Email Blast Marketing Is Relatively Inexpensive: Once you have a template put together, which is an initial investment, you can virtually reuse it for your email blasts and email newsletters. The email service provider will charge a small monthly fee, often based on the size of your email list. They often do not charge you per blast. By going through a large service provider, you will be rest assured that your delivery rates will be maximized and few emails will end up in people’s spam boxes or junk folders.

Email Marketing Is Measurable: Business owners want to know if their email marketing is working. Fortunately today, most email providers will provide free email analytics to you. You will know how many emails were delivered, how many were opened, who opened then, which links were clicked on and if your audience is taking your intended action after reading the email (conversion), to name a few. Using email analytics to your advantage, you will continually be able to improve your email campaign.

Email Tips:
1. Develop your email strategy and your content strategy as a first step, including answering the questions “why email marketing?” and “what is its purpose to your business?” With this information, you will design an email campaign with a rational and understand what Call To Actions (CTA) are key as well as the appropriate content. You will know how to define success.

2. Develop your email lists and your database. Do you foresee sending emails to different groups, or segments, of people? For example, to past customers in 2011 or people who have booked a future party (for an event planning company), for example?. Your email lists should be organized from the outset to easily send very targeted messages and content to specific email list segments. This will help your email campaigns succeed and maintain your opt ins. If you send irrelevant information to everyone (a one size fits all approach) you are likely to see your Unsubscribe rate increase.

3. Develop a general, multipurpose branded template you can use for regular communucations e.g. newsletters. Consider a second email template for promotion specific emails, if appropriate.

4. Write compelling content that people want to read, keep the design simple and readable, and make sure your Subject Line is well thought out to encourage higher open rates. Research best practices for Subject Lines and make sure they are not “spammy.”

5.Work with your marketing staff or marketing firm to develop your strategy, design your blasts, send your blasts and measure your blasts. Ensure that your email look and feel, as well as your marketing message, is aligned to other aspects of your marketing plan so that you create a seamless brand experience for your audience.

6. Get feedback from customers, members of your staff etc. and use the email analytics to continually improve your campaigns. Do A/B testing if you have the budget to see which subject lines, messaging and design results in the best results. Always use the data to improve.

Lastly, remember that email marketing is a great tool however it is best used as part of your larger marketing plan, as one piece to the puzzle. Knowing its function in moving your prospects or customers to take desired actions will ensure that you are using email marketing at the right time and at the right customer “touch point.”

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