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Facebook advertising is an excellent way to reach new customers, especially when you know the audience you want to reach. That’s because Facebook ads run based on “who you want to target”, not the keyword someone types into a search box. With Facebook advertising, the power is in thinking audience-first, defining the audience(s) you aim to reach, and then using  targeted ads in Facebook’s Ad Manager to reach prospects who meet your criterion.

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Depending on your goals you can accomplish anything from creating more brand awareness to actually getting actions taken like form completions and calls or even offer redemptions and sales as a result of your ads. It’s measured using the Facebook Pixel and call tracking software.

The way you can reach potential customers through Facebook ads is targeting based on Demos, Interests and even Behaviors! Here are some examples of possible ways to define your audience:

  • Geographic location (where people live or work or even visit)
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income
  • Interests
  • Level of education
  • Facebook Behavior (what they have shown interest in)
  • Shopping behavior
  • Technology they use or have an interest in
  • Interest: Life events/ milestone events
  • Relationship Status
  • Customer status (if they have purchased from you before)
  • Interest: Employer / job title (limited cases)
  • Home ownership (1st time buyers, homeowners, renters)
  • Home type
  • Parental status/ age of children
  • Buyer profiles
  • Page fan, not a page fan etc.

When you target your audience correctly, if you show the right ads at the right time then you are much more likely to get an action taken or engagement with your ads / positive feedback. That nets you a strong Relevance Score (7-10) and a lower cost per click. So, good targeting saves you money!

The process your Facebook ad agency follows is your secret weapon for success.

facebook advertising agency Long Island, NY

Upside’s Facebook Advertising Process:

  1. DISCOVERY: Get to know you, your goals and your customers.
  2. AUDIENCE DEFINITION/SEGMENTATION: Set up Segmented Audiences & Remarketing Audiences
  3. STRATEGY: Create a plan / funnel that will get you desired results.
  4. AD CONTENT CREATION: Identify the video/marketing assets needed for your Facebook campaign.
  5. SET UP & MONTHLY MANAGEMENT: Create your Ads Campaigns and measure results.
  6. OPTIMIZATION: Landing page development for Lead capture. Campaign optimization.
  7. TRACKING: Install the Facebook Pixel and provide tracking / reporting.

Facebook Advertising Services:

Fully Managed Services

From A to Z, we craft your Facebook ad plan, execute it and manage all aspects for you.

We can help you to develop digital assets that will engage users.

Facebook Retargeting

For companies only interested in retargeting, we can set up your Facebook Pixel, your custom audiences, your ads and everything you need to expand your reach to website visitors when they go to Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook Consulting/Audience Definition

We can analyze and assess your current set up to see if there are areas to improve or we can work on specific tasks you present.

Local Facebook Advertising for Small Business on Long Island

Facebook marketing objective box in Facebook Ad Manager Web Traffic GoalIf you are looking to run Facebook Ads on Long Island, NY, or anywhere in the world, you would go to the Facebook Ads Manager. https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager

You would then select “Create” and choose your Facebook advertising objective e.g. Traffic

From there you create your audience. For example, if you are a local business and interested in Long Island Facebook Advertising to women only , 18-65+, who are in the top income earners, homeowners, and parents within 10 miles of your store because this is your target audience, you can easily create an audience to reach them. Pretty powerful! Our full process is explained below.

example Facebook advertising Long Island targeted audience for retailer

How Upside Facebook Advertising Works: Unlocking Great Results for Clients

Upside uniquely gets results by following a user-driven process that engages before we sell anything, warms up audiences and gets people to listen.

We reach the right audience with the right piece of content at the right time, ultimately getting Users to take a desired action. And we have a plan to reach even more Users once it’s working.

Step 1: Discovery / Audience Definition

We learn about your business and your goals and needs. We then focus on who we want to reach with your Facebook Ads. Then, we create the right segmented advertising audiences for you (past customers, prospects, customer segments). If you are selling toys to affluent Moms with toddlers younger than 2 that’s a different audience than looking for Millennials who may want to try your new App, for example. The audience targeting has to be right.

Step 2: Strategy / Funnel Creation

Once you define who you want to reach, we help you define a practical Facebook Advertising Funnel that actually aligns to how people go about buying goods and services. Some fancy marketers call this the ‘buyer’s journey.’ We call it building a relationship on the buyer’s terms. This is the key to sales that so many marketers miss! That’s because you can’t force feed an offer to someone who is NOT interested in hearing what you have to say!

Step 3:  Ad Content Creation

After you understand the buying process, next we think about Content and what content is right at each step. And since you first need to Capture User attention before they will listen to you, you first have to pick the right content!


Remember, people on Facebook are served ads, they don’t ask for them.  How do we get people to listen when they don’t want to be interrupted?

You give Users something that’s helpful or entertaining for them first; and it may not be the content you already made or already used 100 times on YouTube. You might need to create the content! What that content should be depends on your specific situation. Video is usually an excellent media to engage.

A Sequence of Video Ads often works best. For example, if your product solves a problem, your sequence might show content that:

  • acknowledges the User’s problem with some tips
  • shows the actual solution / the value proposition
  • offers social proof e.g. testimonials
  • shares a compelling, relevant Offer

You ask for soft conversions like clicking or reading an article, and eventually drive Users toward a pre-sell or sales page. You also retarget users along the way. You want to tell a story and build the big picture to your Users that spells CREDIBILITY and TRUST. Then, eventually you can ask for a form completion or a call. Video is a powerful way to deliver content and is recommended.

Step 4: Advertising Set Up, Management & Optimization. Tracking & Reporting.

We start, run, update, measure and improve your campaigns to get you results.

We also will document findings and report results. For example, if you are a service business, you can measure how many people you reached, how many total leads you received, how much your cost per lead was, and much more. If you are a retailer you can calculate sales or coupon redemptions etc.

national Facebook advertising campaign results examples showing leads cost per lead

Now that you have seen how we do it, let’s talk about you and how we can help. Call (516) 610-0922 to talk about your Facebook Advertising goals.

Facebook Ads Management

8 Benefits of Running Facebook Ads Now?

  1. Organic reach without ads is pretty much low to zero at this point.
  2. Reach your exact audience based on demographics, interests, behavior and location.
  3. Clicks tend to be less expensive than on Google Ads.
  4. Many Fortune 500s have not moved into the space so ads are still undervalued and less expensive than they ever will be in the future.
  5. Results are trackable and measurable. Audiences are scalable!
  6. Outcompete your direct competition with a stronger presence than they have.
  7. Drive traffic to your website that you can retarget later.
  8. Reach Users on Instagram thru the Facebook Ad Manager!

Reach out today—Call (516) 610-0922 to talk about how Facebook Advertising can help you reach your target audience and get real business results for you this year!

We focus only on local small businesses anywhere from 1-20 employees in size so if you are near Long Island, NY or you run a small company anywhere in the Country, you have come to the right place.

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