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Reach decision makers with B2B LinkedIn Ads.
From strategy to monthly management.

LinkedIn Advertising has gotten very robust in the last few years, so much so that it has quickly become the go-to way to do B2B advertising on social media. The power to reach target companies, business people based on their job roles and functions and even specific accounts (Account Based Marketing) is incredibly powerful. If you know who you want to reach, whether it’s prospects or even customers or accounts, there is a LinkedIn Advertising campaign ready to assist your sales and business development team.

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Upside can help you from start to finish, including:

  • LinkedIn Ad Strategy
  • LinkedIn Advertising Account Set Up
  • LinkedIn Ad Audience Creation & Targeting
  • Monthly Management
  • Conversion Optimization
  • LinkedIn Ad Conversion Tracking & Reporting
  • We can also come to your company and do a Workshop or presentation if you want to self-manage!

Examples of Four LinkedIn Ad Campaigns You Can Run:


Running ads to prospects that meet your targeting criterion.

Account Based Targeting

Run ads to specific companies you want to reach.

Contact Targeting

Run ads to specific people based on their email – customers or opt-ins.


Running ads to visitors who have been on your website in the past.

Our Approach to Running Ads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Advertising

The #1 LinkedIn Advertising strategy is to Be Helpful, Be relevant and Engage before Asking for the Hard Sell. We work with you to first get Users to hear your message and engage. It’s a relationship based approach built on creating trust with Users. There are soft conversions (reading content, clicking etc.) and hard conversions (calls, forms, registrations, opt-ins). We will help you figure out what is right for your business.

How Do we track Results?

We track everything using the LinkedIn Insights tag so we know what works, how to improve and how to measure. We also set up Call Tracking so you know how to track KPIs.

Why people go on LinkedIn? People go to LinkedIn because they are either thinking about their job,  their career, a problem, or a person they want to contact, so you have the perfect setting to create something of value and help that User solve a problem or improve how they do their job. As a respected social channel used by millions of professionals, Users actually expect to be served content and many go specifically to LinkedIn to find it. That’s your in as a marketing team!

Why LinkedIn? Increase web traffic. Improve brand awareness. Get leads. And, save time and headaches!

  • Over 575 million Users. More than 260 million active Users.
  • 40% access LinkedIn daily – over 100 million professionals to target daily.
  • 61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions.*
  • Amazing targeting options to reach your audience based on:
    • Geo area
    • Age & Gender
    • Education
    • Job Title,  Job Seniority, Job Function
    • Member Skills, Years of Experience
    • Industry
    • Company size
    • Interests

You can create segmented audiences and then run highly relevant creative ads to prospects that help them solve their job challenges. You can reach contacts in your CRM or companies on your sales team’s list. You can also remarket to your website visitors when they come onto LinkedIn and so many other powerful tactics.

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We can come in and present to your team, formulate your campaign strategy and help you from soup to nuts execute every aspect of your plan. We can also advise you on how you can control you campaigns in house through our LinkedIn advertising training.

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*Source for Stats: