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Every marketing investment should be grounded in a sound marketing strategy. Before you build a tactical marketing plan, it is important to first have a blueprint that guides the decision making process of how and what you build for your marketing programs. Once your marketing strategy is defined, you can write your marketing plan. From there, you will know how you are going to take your product/service to market in a cost effective way that will put you on the right path towards building a profitable small business.

Shooting from the hip or having a website is not a marketing strategy!

Long Island Marketing Plan Writers

Strategic Marketing: First Stop–Your Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy is a summary of your company’s products and position in relation to the competition. It includes a definition of your business, a description of your products or services, a profile of your target audience or clients, and defines your company’s role in relationship to the competition. The marketing strategy is essentially a document that you use as a foundation to determine the effectiveness of your specific marketing plans. Your marketing strategy forms the basis of your entire marketing plan.

Marketing Plans: What Is A Marketing Plan?

Your marketing plans are the specific actions you are going to take to achieve the goals of your marketing strategy. It is where theory turns into tactical, actionable, practical steps your company is going to take to achieve your overall marketing objectives. A marketing plan also outlines your unique selling proposition, your pricing strategy, your sales and distribution plan, as well as your advertising and promotional plan. Knowing how step-by-step you are going to find and convert leads into profitable, paying customers on your timeline and budget is the strategic business marketing plan we would like to builkd with you.

Marketing Plan Writers, Long Island, New York

Long Island and New York small business owners: Our experienced team will, from end to end, meet with you and create an integrated marketing plan, covering both your online marketing plan and offline marketing plan. An experienced Senior marketing plan consultant (with an M.B.A.) and executive corporate experience will deliver your finished marketing plan to you in a professional format that you can use for any use. Our firm is uniquely equipped to then execute all or most of your entire plan in house if you would like to start getting results.

Your custom marketing plan will be among the most comprehensive in the industry and it is built from the ground up. We will provide you questionairres, meet with you, provide outlines/templates as needed to make the process time efficient and easy on you.

Marketing Plan Costs

Marketing plan costs are based on the scope of work and they will be quoted on an individual basis. Based on online research, a marketing plan can range from a few hundred dollars to $5,000 and up.

Our prices are very reasonable and competitive. We will show you example marketing plans and marketing plan templates when you sign up.

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