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Professional Set-up and Management

Why Long Island Small Business Owners Choose Upside Business Consultants as Their Leading Google Adwords PPC Management Company in NY:

Considering a Pay-Per-Click online advertising campaign on Long Island or NYC? Do you have a Google Adwords Campaign that is underperforming? Or, perhaps it is not being used to promote the most profitable areas of your business. We can help.

It’s no question, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the fastest ways to attract more potential customers to your website. When executed properly, it will not only increase your online visibility, it will help you bring in new business. When set up properly, you will be able to track your clicks and goals reached so that you can calculate costs per lead and conversion rates as well as other important metrics that are results-driven.

If you are unfamiliar with pay per click, search engines allow you to put up ads on the first page of Google, for example, for your keywords. You only get charged when someone clicks on your ad. PPC managed correctly can improve your results and increase revenues. If a campaign is not yielding positive results for you, there is a strong chance it is not set up properly or being managed with the level of care your account needs. You may be paying for irrelevant clicks or your camapign is not targetted properly. Your cost for a conversion may be too high or your account may be mismanaged. Is your agency doing right by you?

Upside Business Consultations is a Google PPC management company on Long Island that will help you target and attract relevant web traffic to your company website. We understand the ins and outs of pay-per-click campaigns and have helped many small businesses on Long Island achieve their bottom-line. We will formulate your PPC strategy, meet with you to go over our plan and then follow by building and managing your pay per click campaign.

Delivering Qualified Traffic Resulting in Higher Conversion Rates

Our process is simple. Our PPC management company NY will first conduct a thorough analysis of your website and discuss your goals. Then we will perform an advanced keyword research and select relevant, semantic keywords. Next, we will develop an effective Google Adwords campaign strategy based on your budget and goals.

Then our talented web design team will create custom landing pages (if required) that will help increase conversions. Our creative copywriters and PPC analytics professionals will create engaging text ads that your prospects will feel compelled to click.

Lastly, we will closely monitor your campaign’s performance and review your results and help you achieve the highest ROI. As a PPC management company NY, we take great pride in executing a best-practices approach for every campaign we launch.

To schedule for a consultation, feel free to contact us or call our office at: 516.610.0922. We are looking forward to helping your business grow.

Full-Service PPC Management Services:

  • PPC Troubleshooting & Analysis
  • PPC Set Up
  • Monthly Management Services for PPC
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Competitive Analysis

What does PPC Cost on Long Island?:
Most professional PPC management firms will charge you a one time set up fee for a few hundred dollars and then a monthly fee for managing your account as a percentage of your adwords budget (or what you spent in actuality). On Long Island, PPC fees range from 15-30% of your ad fees and up.

Choose wisely. Ask for references.
Upside’s small business pay per click management fees are very competitive. Call for a quote. You can have professional, daily management of your online advertising campaign for much less. Our set up fees are very fair and often are included when you purchase an SEO package.

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