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Keyword Research Services for Clients & Digital Agencies

Upside provides SEO keyword research services for Clients around the Country. On average, a team member assigned to do the work has 5-15 years of experience for every project.

website SEO auditWhy Keyword Research? Because if you invest in SEO, you need to attract the RIGHT traffic, not just any traffic. You want leads and conversions, not just clicks. To do this you need to get the right segments of searchers to your site. This is where Keyword Research helps.

The process helps you become goal oriented, so that you can create on-page SEO and content marketing tactics driven based off of a sound strategy.

Our keyword research services are ideal for:

  • CEOs/CMOs with in-house Development teams but no in-house SEO team
  • Other marketing, PR and creative agencies who need project level work
  • Other SEO companies who need additional assistance on monthly or project-based work

When you work with Upside, we will provide you everything you need, neatly organized whether you need to develop a new website, improve an existing website or even improve specific content.

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Our general process (our process is customized for each client) can include:

Step 1:

To create a baseline, we will first determine your goals and learn about your target audience. We will understand what areas of the search market you are looking to attract an audience from and the type of keyword research you really need. We also provide a survey you can fill out.

Step 2:

We understand your current state i.e. what keywords you rank for now that have significant volume, low volume, and potential to rank better. We document your rankings. This provides a baseline. We do this by analyzing your Google Search Console actual organic search queries and by using keyword research tactics to assess words that have good search volume and are bringing traffic to your site. If granted access to your Google Analytics, we will also use any publicly available Keyword data provided by Google. It will be limited but worth looking at.

Step 3:

Next, we review 2-3 websites you provide to reverse engineer competitors a) what keywords they rank for that you should target b) keywords they rank for that you do NOT rank for (keyword gap analysis).

Step 4:

We then conduct primary and secondary keyword research both using Tools and manual research to identify and document a master list of a) Core keywords to target (higher volume, 2-3 word phrases b) Supplementary keywords to target (lower volume, more longtail) c) A list of related Questions associated with the keywords that could bring in incremental web traffic via Queries that are phrased as questions. During this step we find both new terms you do not rank for and also terms we believe you should work on ranking better. Some of these will be words you already target or rank for but the goal is to uncover new keywords that you can use in web text, content marketing, etc. We even have the capabilities to do keyword research for specific Channels such as Google, YouTube or even Amazon to understand the most appropriate terms by Channel, if needed.

Step 5:

We will also determine what Keywords you rank for on Page two, not page one. This helps us find good quality terms where you just need improvement but rank to some degree already. We identify terms that have good search volume and queries bringing the most traffic to your top 10 blogs. With this data, you may be able to update blogs to rank better and also work on internal linking and webpage updates to increase those rankings to page one from page two.

Step 6:

If available and applicable, we will review your Google Ad search queries (last few months) that are associated with a measurable conversion on your site. We will then determine the search volume of each and incorporate into the Keyword plan if it makes sense. This may expose many long-tail keywords that can get you results but do not necessarily have huge search volume. It might even uncover some phrases that can be used in FAQS, blogs, other content to rank for lower competition words. This will help you incorporate “intent” keywords into your SEO text / words from users farther down the conversion or sales funnel vs. someone doing general informational search on the topic, for example, and who is not going to fill out the form. For anyone advertising on Google, this is essential to do.

Step 7:

We take the time to properly organize all data into easy to follow Deliverables for your company. Our work gets handed over to you so that you can start using our insights to improve your SEO.

From here we can continue to work with you by doing the following:

  • SEO Page outlines for New Pages
  • SEO page outlines for revising existing pages
  • Review of past and future blogs to make keyword edits for you
  • We can develop an entire SEO blueprint for an existing or new website
  • We can help train your staff or an in-house marketing associate to help improve their SEO abilities

We provide services to companies, organizations and other agencies white label both on Long Island, NY and throughout the United States.

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