Small Business Coaching


Improving people. Improving results.

Business coaching is a major learning method companies are using to help develop individual employees and improve company performance. Coaching is conducted on a one-to-one basis, in person, over the telephone, on e-mail, or a combination thereof. It is completely CONFIDENTIAL giving the client the opportunity to share personal concerns while gaining an outside perspective. The reasons companies approach us for a coaching / consulting relationship vary. Often a fresh pair of eyes on your marketing and sales program, in person coaching, and a review of all of your marketing and sales processes will reveal hidden opportunities for your business that we miss when we are in the business day-to-day. In these situations, a consultant can be an invaluable resource for providing insights and identifying cost effective strategies that will help grow your business and reach your target audience in a more productive manner.

A typical coaching engagement will include:

  • Establishing specific goals
  • Frequent meetings
  • Job shadowing at your office / company
  • Creating a personal development plan
  • Ongoing email and phone support

Small Business Coaching packages include:

Small Business Startupcoaching: designed for entrepreneurs specifically looking to launch or build their early businesses. Personal assistance is provided to build the foundational elements of your small business including business plans, marketing plans, financial projections etc. Also appropriate for new small business owners looking to improve their marketing skills and build expertise but who do not have a traditional marketing background. Growthcoaching: coaching focusing specifically on aggressively growing your business over the next 12-15 months. Perfect for business owners who need advice and guidance to achieve specific milestones in their business’ development as well as a regular “push” to keep moving forward during challenging growth cycles. Execcoaching: designed for established businesses that are very busy and do not always find time to do what they need to do: marketing. Coaching includes an in depth look at your professional and personal goals, the personal strategies you have used to market your business, and what results you achieved. A road map is created that will help you reach your potential and discover new ways to drive results in yourself and in your staff. In this role, we essentially serve as “personal trainer” to you. Contact us today to learn more about our business coaching services and pricing.

Workshop Training for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

Upside’s workshops help empower small businesses and entrepreneurs to learn skills that improve their marketing and communications proficiencies. If you want to strengthen your organization, Upside business consultants will come to your place of business and provide one-on-one or team training.

Current Workshops:

  • How To Market Your Long Island Business 101
  • Do-It-Yourself Internet Marketing
  • Do-It-Yourself Google Pay Per Click Set up / Management
  • How To Write A Business Plan
  • How to Write A Marketing Plan
  • Internet and Website Strategy


How to Search Engine Optimize (SEO) Your Business

We also offer workshops in various other areas. Contact us today at 516-610-0922to learn more about how our workshops can improve your business.