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Social media marketing has improved the way brands interact with their prospects and customers by making online marketing more dynamic, more real-time, and more social than in the past. Since Facebook business pages, LinkedIn Company pages, Twitter pages and now Google Plus business pages have become ubiquitous, social media networks have become your company’s outpost and network outside of your company website. How you position your brand online and not just on your website is very important to your online marketing plan.

The facts are important:
Hundreds of millions of people are on social media sites like Facebook, YoutTube, LinkedIn, Twitter etc everyday actively and the social media landscape continues to grow. Even if you are not involved on social media, your customers and your competition are probably active there. Social media marketing has already transformed the traditional marketing paradigm from a “marketing campaign” mentality to an ongoing relationship-building marketing model for small business owners.

Some benefits of social media marketing:
In addition to impacting your search engine rankings (SEO), social marketing helps achieve more direct marketing to your audience that is faster than an email blast, cheaper than advertising and more powerful than print because it allows you to do something few marketing channels did in the past: one-on-one, real time marketing with your audience.

Two key questions to ask:
Can I find a meaningful and profitable way to get my business involved? What do I need to do to make sure I have an effective social marketing strategy that aligns to my marketing goals?

Don’t jump in unprepared. Develop a social media strategy that works for your specific business and do it right the first time. Document a clear content marketing plan. Know which social media platforms you should be on, what you are going to use them for, how social media fits neatly into your overall marketing and communications plan, and who is going to lead and manage that effort for your organization. Understand social etiquette and determine how you are going to measure Social Media ROI. Put it all down on paper and create your social media marketing plan.

If you have questions about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Social Bookmarking Sites, Blogs or other social media, it can be very helpful to sit down with your web marketing consultant and develop a social media roadmap.

Upside’s Social Media Marketing Services Can Help:

Social Media Marketing Consulting, Long Island, NY

• Social Media Marketing Consulting and Strategy Development
Social Media Content Plan (Social Calendar Development)
• Social Media Training and Coaching (small group or one on one)
• Email Marketing Strategy
• Metrics Development and Tracking
• Phone, Email and Skype Consulting

Social Media Agency Services, Long Island, NY

  • Social Media Marketing Consulting and Strategy Development
  • Social Media Training and Coaching (small group or one on one)
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Metrics Development and Tracking
  • Phone, Email and Skype Consulting
  • Social Media Marketing Account Set-Up and Profile Building for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YoutTube
  • Customized Facebook Pages, Twitter Pages etc.
  • Social Media Management (monthly management)
  • Custom WordPress Websites
  • Social Media Management Skills Training and One On One Business Coaching
  • YouTube Video Marketing Advertisements
  • One Minute Professional High Definition Video Commercials
  • Online Brand Reputation Management
  • Email Template Design and Email Blast
  • Social Bookmarking Services / Social News
  • Business Blog Set-Up, Management, Business Blogging Content; Blog Training
  • RSS Feed Development

Social Media Optimization (SMO) / SEO for Social Marketing Sites

The difference between being invisible online or one page one can be whether or not your social media e.g. Facebook business page, Blog, LinkedIn account, videos etc. are optimized.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is an important part of your entire Search Engine Optimization (making sure your business is on page one of the search engines for your keywords) program. SMO is the process of making sure that all of your social media channels, business profiles and internet marketing assets are optimized for visibility (not just your website) in the search engines and that they are strategically utilized in your linking and back linking SEO strategy.

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