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Jump Starting Your New Business

Starting a business?

Real results come over time from a lot of hard work, sweat equity and strategic planning during early phases of business development. Taking a step back and thoroughly planning your business can save you a lot of time and expense later on, as well as ensure that you have thought through key issues.

Do I need a business plan and a marketing plan?

Architects have blueprints before they build buildings. And every car comes with specifications. Shouldn’t your business be built with a plan too? To help make sure you have assessed your opportunity properly and can convincingly communicate your idea to investors and prospective customers, a business plan and a marketing plan should be written for every business. Writing a plan can instill confidence in others that you have a viable product and/or service, a realistic market to sell to, and a plan to deliver your goods and make a profit

How we help start your new business:

Upside can help you strategically by driving objective decision making, evaluating opportunities, conducting research, and shaping business and marketing strategies. We then help you go to market with your idea. We roll up our sleeves, developing your actual sales and marketing programs online and offline. We can work with you regularly as you plan and grow your business, or we can serve in a purely advisory role at key points along the way.

What we do differently:

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we specialize in building businesses from the ground up cost-effectively. We know how to balance getting immediate visibility and results for your company with setting up a long term, sustainable plan. And like you, we are in it for the long haul. As your business grows, our services are uniquely set up to help you move through different business cycles.

Have any questions about how to start up? Need a business plan or marketing plan template? Just ask Upside and we will get back to you promptly. Or, call us at 516-610-0922. We also post free marketing tips and marketing strategies on our marketing blog to help you continually evaluate your business and make sure you are moving in the right direction. Or, join us on Twitter.

If you need help getting your new business started, Upside can help you with:

  • Building The Foundation:
  • Business Strategy and Marketing Planning
  • Opportunity Evaluation,
  • Company Evaluation, Competitor and Customer Research
  • Business Plans, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Plans,
  • Business Naming
    Brand Development, Logo Development,Tagline and Key Message Creation
  • Getting The Word Out: Communications
  • Elevator Pitches, Presentation Development
  • Marketing Collateral (Letters, Brochures, Signage etc.)
  • Press Releases and Press Materials

Building Your Marketing Programs: Online & Offline

  • Website Development, Social Media Presence, Internet Marketing and SEO click to learn more
  • Small Business Marketing & Advertising Services click to learn more
  • Grand Opening events click to learn more

Business Coaching & Workshop Training: click to learn more

General Operational Services:

  • Help incorporating, Tax ID procurement, Banking Referral Assistance
  • Legal and Accountant guidance

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