Website SEO Audits


A professional Website SEO Audit by a Google Expert will help you get your rankings back on top!

If your site has lost traffic, seen sudden drops in conversions, and your rankings are suffering, a Website SEO Audit is your first step to determining what your SEO Strategy needs to be to get your Google rankings back up.  Whether there is a technical SEO issue or on-page issue, or if you have been hit by an algorithm update or a negative SEO attack, we will get to the bottom it.

Upside’s SEO specialists are:

  • the foremost local authority on providing professional SEO audits for companies throughout Long Island, New York and small to mid-sized businesses around the U.S.A.
  • experienced with thousands of hours of analysis conducted and over 20 years of combined SEO experience.
  • uniquely equipped with the tools and training to uncover serious root cause issues that are inhibiting a website.
  • able to both consult to you and help you implement most SEO changes on your site.

Each SEO Audit is done manually by a two-person team here in Hauppauge, NY, led by SEO Doug Betensky, checking over 50 known SEO ranking factors and providing detailed documentation in easy to understand terminology for our Clients.

Who we provide search engine optimization audits for:

  • CEOS, CFOs and Executives
  • Marketing teams / Directors of Business Development
  • Freelance Web Developers, PR professionals, Marketers
  • Creative & other search agencies whose clients need audits (White Label SEO Audits)

Our Methodology:

Using SEO Software like Ahrefs, Moz, SEM Rush, Screaming Frog, and Google Analytics, Google Search Console, plus manual and primary research of Search results, SEO metrics are reviewed and analyzed to find SEO issues. Backlink analysis is also conducted as well as keyword rankings and page quality issues. Other Developers tool’s including the Google mobile friendly test and page speed tools are used. For Local SEO audit clients, we also analyze your map optimization, citations and other local signals. For competitor analysis we leverage client provided information, SEO software and primary research.

website SEO audit

Examples of what will be analyzed:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Indexability
  3. On-Page Ranking Factors
  4. Off-Page Ranking Factors
  5. Competitor Websites

Most SEO Audit Deliverables include:

  • Prioritized list of itemized SEO action items with recommended timeline and costs (Word doc)
  • Supporting analysis, findings and key SEO issues (Excel, Word docs)
  • Competitor gaps analysis (where you are falling short in your SEO program)
  • Strategic changes & resources to put into play
  • Client debriefing


Executive Summary

  • Actionable SEO recommendations, prioritized

Traffic & Keyword Analysis (historic snapshot of your traffic and the keywords for which you currently rank)

  • Description of your traffic (quality, trend, sources, new/returning, device types)
  • Key usability metrics impacting SEO performance reviewed (e.g. bounce rates, time on site etc.)
  • Analysis of actual search queries/keywords/click thru rate from Google Search Console/Analytics/Other SEO Software.
  • Identify volume/competitiveness of top 20 Client provided keywords

Accessibility / Indexability / Technical SEO (what may be inhibiting rankings from a technical perspective)

  • txt (page exclusions), server response, HTTP status codes (server response codes check), blocked content, XML Sitemap, GSC sitemap submission, Pagespeed/load time test, site architecture issues
  • Indexed pages vs. actual pages; total pages index check; identify possible penalties / reason for penalties / duplicate content review / canonicalization
  • Technical issues in SEO hurting performance / confusing search engines
  • Mobile usability test / HTML markup issues

On-Page Ranking Factors* (what you need to do on your website)

  • Search-friendly URLS (static, user-friendly, length), complete/relevant Title tags, unique meta descriptions, number of links on page, keywords included, avoidance of keyword stuffing/keyword density, other Tags (e.g. Head tags), keyword cannibalism
  • Information architecture, page structure, image optimization
  • Duplicate / Missing / Long SEO
  • Ease of Use / Usability of Navigation on Desktop and Mobile
  • Content Quality isolating specific content issues and specific pages that need an upgrade with explanation on why they need enhancements
  • Identification of thin content webpages
  • Identification of duplicate content issues
  • Topical content consolidation strategies to implement, if needed, to help SEO
  • Details of web design or development upgrades needed to improve content quality and delivery on your website

Off-Page Ranking Factors (Is your link profile safe or not? What you need to do to improve it.)

  • Review the nature, type, authority of your backlink profile for anchor text over optimization/issues /number of links, link growth/decline, and quality of links.
  • Domain Authority, social media profile optimization, top social signal content
  • Backlinks: total inbound links, total linking domains, quality of links, critical link issues that need to be addressed, anchor text analysis for over optimization
  • Map listing set up (for Local businesses) and opportunities / Citation building recommendations / ranking factors recommendations

Need Pricing for our SEO Audit Services?

Pricing is done based on specific Client needs. Call (516) 610-0922 to learn more and speak with an SEO Consultant. SEO Audits start at $1500.


What is an SEO Audit?

An Upside website SEO Audit is a hands-on review assessing your website’s search engine optimization strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The Audit analyzes the major factors influencing the ability of your website to rank by reviewing both on-page website SEO factors AND off-page SEO factors (activities taking place external to the website such as link building and maps optimization). Work involves assessing data from both analytics packages as well as manually reviewing your website. Recommendations are then made to you to improve your website SEO and to formulate a better SEO Strategy.

Do you provide free SEO audits?

We do not provide free SEO Audits however we do provide some helpful analysis for Clients during the onboarding process. Our SEO audits command a fee because we provide custom, manual analysis that gets to the root cause of your issues. There are free website SEO audit tools online, however they only provide a limited view of issues you may be facing.

Do I get a website SEO audit report?

Yes, you will get a written Word doc report per the above framework. Reports can range anywhere from 10-20+ pages depending on scope. In some cases, we will also provide an SEO audit video summary showing you critical issues that are best understood via visual demos.

What does an SEO Audit cost?

An SEO audit report from a qualified SEO can range anywhere from $1500-$4500 and up depending on factors like scope of work, needs of the client, size and type of the website, complexity of the issues, and technical set up of the website and servers, to name a few. It also depends on whether or not you are only looking at on-page SEO factors or if you are also covering off-page SEO and page content issues, which may require manual review of every webpage, for example. It really depends. Each SEO Consultant follows a different process and should be able to explain to you on what their price is based. Typically, SEO audit prices will be based on an estimated # of hours and an hourly rate OR a standard SEO Report format that the company provides to each Client. We find that custom reports are required to get the best results and that there is no cookie cutter report that can cover all aspects of each situation.

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