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The eCommerce ROI you need to deliver results.

To successfully optimize your eCommerce site for rankings and sales, you need to do three things:

  • Drive organic web traffic to a professionally designed and branded eCommerce store
  • Convert visitors into paying customers
  • Retain customers and gain repeat purchases

With Upside’s in-house eCommerce SEO marketing team by your side, you’ll get:

  • A dedicated SEO team on your account
  • Ongoing content improvements, not just SEO improvements
  • Competitive Analysis and Strategy
  • White Hat SEO Tactics ranging from on-page SEO to technical SEO, off-page SEO and content improvements!
  • We write all of your product pages, descriptions, meta data etc. so that your site is unique and indexed properly by Google. We remove and rewrite duplicate content.

SEO is a long term process however rankings often improve within a couple of months depending on the level of opportunity your site has in its niche.

We serve both National and Regional eCommerce companies who need an SEO optimized website. We can show you proven Google rankings results. Give us a call at (516) 610-0922 to inquire.

20 years of experience and and strong references. A history of results. Plus, a dedicated team assigned to you. Clients have access to our proprietary marketing analytics and automation dashboard where we make understanding your results easy and fast so that no matter how busy you are, you can see your results in one place, day to day!

Our Services include:

  • Shopify Website SEO Audits
  • eCommerce SEO Services (Rank your Products/Services and Collections)
  • Keyword Research
  • Assistance with Link Building / PR Firm SEO Best Practices
  • Competitor Analysis
  • eCommerce Migration 301 Redirect Plans

Want to know more?

Learn how we scaled one eCommerce client to 8x ROAS in just one month and how we ranked a National eCommerce retailer for their SEO keywords. Contact us today.

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Why invest in eCommerce?

women CEO planning eCommerce SEO PPC StrategyTo make incremental revenue. To adapt to changing customer behavior. To stay competitive. To improve customer service. To transform your business model due to market conditions!

In fact, eCommerce works for National, Regional and even Local businesses! The ability to reach customers where they are looking online has never been more important.

Small businesses need to adapt to a more digital and online-friendly strategy. This means investing in the infrastructure to market and handle transactions online throughout various platforms and social media.  Originally this was only a concern to retail commerce companies, however as time moves on, customers are more likely to choose the online route over the traditional channels.

How does Upside Business Consultants get Clients eCommerce SEO Results?

Answer: by providing you the total solution & a dedicated team.

We work with businesses by establishing online eCommerce strategies and platforms to market and sell their services/products.  Our focus is to take the headaches away and make it as easy as possible for the decision maker. 

Our Process includes:

  • Meeting and discussing the current business model and strategies to improve your SEO.
  • Performing an SEO audit that results in a clear path forward and an SEO strategy and action plan.
  • We begin implementation every month to get you results.
  • Improving the strategy through ongoing competitor and industry analysis.

Our Ongoing Process includes:

  • Strategy/Tactics: First, we create an eCommerce SEO and marketing strategy that will reach your audience and generate sales.
  • An Experienced Team: Second, we assign the most experienced digital marketers on Long Island, NY to manage your account. The combined talent surpasses 30 years of experience.
  • Quality Control: Third, we do the work locally, in-house. We manage accounts closely. We pay attention to the fine details. That means total quality control and ownership over our process.
  • Creative: You need digital marketing assets like videos, images, text content etc. to enhance your content plan. We will help you every step of the way.
  • Tracking/Measurement: Fifth, we track sales and results for you.  We leverage Pixels, Google Data and Social Media Marketing data every week. This will help you make better, faster decisions. You can also get a monthly report.

Talk to an expert today by calling (516) 610-0922 or contact us online to get a quote.

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KPIs – eCommerce Metrics

eCommerce Marketing Long Island, NYOur main focus is to set up proven and tested SEO programs, and monitor results on weekly/monthly trends.  We check all metrics like revenues, website traffic, top products/pages, etc.The metrics we pay close attention to are:

  • eCommerce Sales
  • Conversion Rates
  • Other Conversions e.g. calls etc.
  • Organic Traffic
  • Impressions/Clicks/CTR
  • Website Traffic & Rankings

Latest eCommerce Case Studies

  • (Top Personalized Gifts Store)
  • Deal-to-win (Amazon and Walmart Marketplace)
  • (B2B Building Supplies)
  • (B2B Promotional Items)
  • (Boutique-Retail Store)
  • Max Whole Foods/Myhappycarts (B2B Food Distributor/Amazon Marketplace)
  • Huko Logistics (Dropship/eCommerce Solutions Company)
  • Pool Force (Dropship pool industry retailer)
  • Laurashomeandpatio(dot)com (Shopify SEO, B2C)


Q: How long does it take to rank an eCommerce site?

A: The true answer is, it depends. It depends on what your competitors are doing, the state of your SEO right now, and how significant the improvements are that you need to “move the needle” on your results. Either way, SEO is a long term process and if you are looking to rank for high competition, hi volume keywords, it could take much more time than longer tail, easier to rank terms. The important thing is to developer a strategy that meets your goals and expectations. Short term results can be achieved through other forms of marketing and advertising for customers whose timeline is shorter.

Q: Do you handle getting us sales and new customers via SEO tactics?

A: Through a combination of on-page SEO, technical SEO and off-page link building. We address all areas of the eCommerce SEO.  Companies that build a brand enhance their SEO significantly.

Q: Do you work on other type of eCommerce platforms than Shopify?

A: Most Clients prefer the all-in-one solution Shopify provides and we have much more experience on this platform than others. We will dicuss any website with you and let you know if it is compatible with our team’s experience.

Q: How much does eCommerce SEO cost each month?

A: That depends on which keywords you want to rank, their search volume, competition for the keywords, the number of keywords, the extent of SEO Services you need, and expectations for the Client on results timelines. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 -$10,000 per month. Ranges are impacted by the level of Service provided e.g. on-page SEO, off-page link building, content development, PR etc. Custom quotes are provided for every Client.  Smaller eCommerce websites may incur a lower monthly SEO investment.

Q: How long does it take to rank a Shopify eCommerce site on Google for my SEO?

A: No honest SEO professional will guarantee a timeline because Google Algorithm’s change as do the ranking signals. What we do is continually improve your SEO to adapt to these changes. Typically, Clients can see results in as little as a few months. However, a much more realistic timeframe is between 8-12 months for eCommerce SEO, especially for more medium difficulty keywords. Hi volume, extremely competitive keywords can take years using white hat methods. This is why we take a balanced approach using Advertising to get short term ROI for Clients while we work on SEO too.

Q: I already have a Shopify website. Can you work with existing sites and improve the SEO?

A: Most likely yes. When we perform a detailed audit of your eCommerce site, we will uncover the SEO issues that require attention. If the existing site can handle those improvements without a restructure or redesign, then yes. We always do what is the best interest of our Clients.

Q: Do you help migrate eCommerce sites from one platform to another?

A: In these instances, we provide SEO consulting to help ensure you maintain rankings and web traffic while mitigating risks that are common with platform to platform eCommerce migrations (e.g. Magento to Shopify) or even a migration from a regular WordPress site to an eCommerce platform. Your Developer can be communicated to and they can follow our best practices to maintain you existing SEO. Tactically, this means mapping your 301 redirect plan, requirements to your Developer and site migration strategies you can execute to help mitigate any loss of Google rankings or revenue. We handle these requests on a case-by-case basis. This work is a one time fee and costs depend on the size and complexity of the project.

Q: Who should invest in eCommerce?

A: It’s safe to say almost any businesses should invest in eCommerce.  Here are some industries that we tend to focus on the most because of the increasing opportunities to gain market share:

  1. B2C Retail eCommerce (Bricks & Mortar Stores)
  2. B2B eCommerce
  3. Restaurants and Entertainment
  4. Service Providers (use online to send/receive payments)

These are industries that our team has direct experience and knowledge on how to develop, scale, and maintain eCommerce campaigns.

Q: How much does a Shopify eCommerce website cost?

A:  Shopify website development costs are impacted by the amount of customization needed, the size of the site, the complexity of the functionality you need, and the amount of creative/backend/operations work you may need. Typically, you can expect to pay between $10,000-$25,000 and up. A smaller site with 50-75 products and 5-10 Collections may expect to pay anywhere between $6000-$10,0000 in our experience. We generally are not a Shopify
developer however we have had much success with managing the eCommerce SEO for National clients with very solid results.

We serve clients on Long Island, in New York City, in the NY Tri-State area and Nationally. Talk to an expert today by calling (516) 610-0922 or contact us online to get a quote.

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