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Today, clients and potential clients are online – looking for your firm, looking at competitor law firms, researching you before making an appointment, and seeking out answers to their questions. Law firm marketing has evolved from using traditional tools (e.g. direct mail, yellow pages, journal advertising) to more targeted, measurable law firm marketing strategies online.

Succesful law firm marketing now requires putting an internet marketing plan in place that helps you rank higher in the search engines for the phrases people are using to look for your law firm, captivating your audience with compelling website content, expanding your marketing to social media marketing networks, and capitalizing on the local geographic searches being conducted for Long Island law firms. How our attorney marketing consultants help you:


Law Firm Websites | Website Marketing | Blog Marketing

Our Attorney Marketing Consultants will create a law firm website for you, update your existing law firm website or build a law firm blog for you that achieves your website goals, engages visitors and acts as a valuable resource. As law firm marketing consultants, we are focused on marketing effectiveness, not simply creating stunning websites. We know you are very busy. That is why we can also serve as website content providers supplying your attorney copywriting services, including article writing, press releases, website content, blog entries etc. Each law firm’s marketing needs are unique. For each client, we really get to know your firm so that we can write in your “voice.”

Attorney SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO services for Attorneys? SEO is the process of improving rankings in search engine results pages (SERPS), for example on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. The goal of attorney seo is for you to be found first for the keywords people are using to find your firm online. This is a complex, technical process that requires attorney seo and keyword research, an seo audit of your existing law firm website, an internet marketing plan, and a series of actions, such as updates to your website, its code, and its architecture, online directory submissions, link building, optimized law firm articles and attorney press releases, blogging, and social media marketing optimization in e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Linked, and Law Firm Marketing websites such as lawyers.com, martindale etc. This process is time consuming however it can have large pay offs. Our skilled seo experts will  maximize your chances to rank in your desired position and do everything possible to reach your goals.

Attorney Video Marketing | SEO Optimized Video Marketing

Video SEO for law firms is one of the most powerful new medias today to promote your firm. We create 30 second and one minute interactive marketing videos that showcase your law practice. The advantage is these videos are highly prized and frequently highly ranked in the search engines within a few hours of launch. A website can take weeks before Google recognizes an update. Most importantly, video marketing for attorneys is an engaging, interesting way to stand out and send a compelling message to people online, and to clients. Expect to see a lot more attorney video marketing and marketing videos online in the future.

Attorney Advertising Online |  Google Advertising (Pay Per Click)

Google Pap Per Click (PPC) campaigns are an excellent way to get a #1 ranking in literally hours by advertising with Google’s pay for each click tool. Essentially, ads will appear in top ranked positions in Google that are triggered by specific keyword phrases. The advantage is that unlike other forms of advertising where you pay by the number of impressions (# times your ad was seen), in attorney ppc, you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. Ads are only shown in regions you would like and in timeframes you specifiy. Campaigns can be turned on and off easily. This targeted, measurable attorney internet marketing saves law firms money and drives leads. It also balances your law firm search engine optimization, which will take time to improve your “organic” (natural) rankings online.

Attorney Local Map Optimization | Business Directories

Google local maps and local business directories on Google Places,(formerly Google Local),MSN (BING), and Yahoo Local capitalize on people searching locally for your business. Results in the search engines usually show local results first, even before your website listings, so arguably being optimized for local searches is one of the most prized yet often overlooked seo strategies lawyers can use online. This is our area of speciality. ost people do not know that there are techniques to osearch engine optimize these map and local listings so that you can appear in higher positions in the search engines and convert more people looking for you on Long Island.

Social Media Marketing for Law Firms & Law Professionals

The key to effective attorney social media marketing is to understand how any media or marketing “channel” can be used to achieve your objectives and which channels are the right channels. Do a quick search of twitter and facebook (over 400 million people are on Facebook (that’s more people than the total US population) and the fastest growing new users are, you guessed, in the 45-60 age group) for attorneys. Countless attorneys are tweeting, running groups, and updating facebook fan pages. The key is that they are providing valuable content and information to their followers/friends that is engaging and useful, balanced with sharing personal thoughts and what we call “nuggets.” We work with attorneys to put a social media marketing plan into effect from set-up to management and training. We’ll even customize your facebook page and twitter page for you. Build deeper relationships, monitor your brand, and provide better customer service. 

Interactive Web Audit for Law Firms

We can be hired to do a full blown analysis of every aspect of your internet marketing, seo and general web strategy. We provide a very detailed report (est. 20 pages) and present it to you with specific actions you can take to significantly improve your attorney marketing online, your search engine optimization and your overall web strategy. Analysis, report writing and presentation normally take three weeks to complete.

Attorney Copywriting & Content Writing

Depending on your needs, we can write all or some of your copy. The advantage of having us write copy is that we can convey your points while also optimizing copy for the search engines at the same time. In the long run, this strategy can lead to better results since you can have the greatest website, but if it is not found online easily, good copy does not get seen.

Two Day Intense SEO Makeover

While SEO is a process and takes time (if an seo consultant tells you it doesn’t you should move on immediately), we find that most attorney websites require so much seo that there is much “low hanging fruit” in terms of changes we can make within days that will put you in a better situation. If you need faster service, we can put you first and revamp your on page seo in an intensive few days followed by a more comprehensive seo fix.

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